Comic Cavalcade #30

    Comic Cavalcade » Comic Cavalcade #30 released by DC Comics on December 1, 1948.

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    With issue 30, Comic Cavalcade changed its format from superheroes such as the original Green Lantern & Wonder Woman to funny animal comics like The Fox and the Crow, The Dodo and the Frog, and Nutsy Squirrel. Roy Thomas later mined these issues for many in-jokes in "Captain Carrot."

    1. The Fox and the Crow : Fox and Crow get an ant problem

    2. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop (factual article)

    3. Blabber Mouse : Blabber has a secret and Tomcat wants to know

    4. The Tortise and the Hare ; Tortise is having a family reunion, and the Hare wants to attend for the free food

    5. The Raccoon Kids : Uncle Percy is baby sitting and wants the kids to do all his work

    6. The Dodo and the Frog: Dodo and Frog go to Broadway

    7. Goofy Goose: Goofy meets up with another Goofy Goose, his spitting image!

    8. Giggle-Toons Presents "The Oyster Who Couldn't Sing" The undersea creatures show their talents, but when Dudley the Oyster sang, he was terrible! How can he solve this?

    9. Funny facts (factual article)

    10. Willy Wolf: Willy gets a job as a doorman, and when his son sees him in uniform, he thinks his dad is a general

    11. Sports-Snaps (factual article)

    12. Why the Fox Is Sly (Patrick Parrot's Unnatural History; full text story)

    13. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy goes to the Harmnun and Gailly Circus ,and the Mayor threatens to shut it down because he finds them unfunny. What can Nutsy do?



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