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    A list of largely fictional drugs and boosters seen in comic books. Most commonly, they are used to enhance normal humans to superhuman levels.

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    A list of various comic book drugs ordered alphabetically by company.

    Ace Periodicals

    • Power Elixir - Developed by Dr. Carter, it gives the user superhuman strength and speed but leaves a large W-shaped scar on their chest.

    Antarctic Press

    • Ultra Serum - The "serum" that the superhero Captain Patriot used to gain his powers.

    Archie Comics

    • Secret Formula F22X - A drug taken by the Golden Age superhero "Wizard" who used it to give himself superhuman strength.
    • SHIELD Formula - The unfinished Formula that gave the superhero "Shield" his powers.

    Big Bang Comics

    • Panacea Pills - A multicolored series of capsules that come in Red, (super strength), Yellow (constitution), and Blue (speed).
    • Rocket Pills - A speed granting yet unfortunately addictive steroid.

    Charlton Comics

    • U-235 Pills - A pill (named after its key ingredient Uranium-235) given to the animal superhero Atomic Mouse.


    • Performance Enhancers - An addictive drug which gives the user enhanced speed, reflexes and strength.

    Dark Horse

    • Grendel - A drug that enhances strength.
    • Royal Jelly - A substance produced by Xenomorph Queens that humans use as a drug. It can enhance physical abilities, as well as grant euphoric highs, and is highly addictive.

    DC comics

    • 5-U-93-R - A drug created by Lex Luthor as part of Superman and the One-Earth Regime's plan to create an army of superhuman soldiers.
    • Anabolus Serum - A super soldier serum tested on Rex the Wonder Dog that gave him enhanced speed, strength, agility, stamina and intelligence.
    • Anti-lead Serum - A serum invented by Brainiac 5 that protected Daxamites against the effects of lead.
    • Apocritic - A drug invented from the remains of the supervillain Starro that allows Checkmate field operatives to maintain a telepathic connection with each other.
    • Bio-restorative Formula - A formula invented to increase the growth of plants; human exposure to this formula resulted in the being known as Swamp Thing.
    • Burnt Sienna - A chemical warfare drug that leaves those exposed "open to suggestion."
    • Bzrk - A toxic mutagen that increases the user's height and strength until they burst into flames.
    • Cortexin - A drug that results in increasing animals' intelligence.
    • Cosmic Carrots - When eaten by Captain Carrot they increase nearly all his traits.
    • Delirium - A drug that releases the demon inside every man. Addictive use causes insanity.
    • DMN - An addictive substance that transforms its users into demons.
    • Eucharist - A addictive enhancer drug made out of the blood of a hero.
    • Exo-Gene - The treatment given by Lexcorp during the Everyman Project
    • Fear Gas - A fear-inducing drug created by Jonathan Crane that causes the user to experience their worst fears/phobias. It has been stated to be used as a recreational drug by teens.
    • Gingold - Soft drink that gives Ralph Dibny and Stretch their elastic powers as well as the substance used on the Question's mask.
    • Hairballs - Drug that slowly transforms its users into feral, rampaging beasts.
    • Illium 349 - Drug that in concentrated form can shrink or enlarge anything - from a person to a city.
    • Immortality Serum - Serum taken and invented by Professor Ivo that gave him immortality.
    • Joker Venom - The Joker's signature weapon, it is a gas that typically makes its victims die laughing, but it can also be nonlethal at times and leave its victims insane with a manic grin on their faces.
    • Krotan - Drug that allows users to shape-shift.
    • Lazarus Pit - The chemicals that make up a Lazarus pit can resurrect the dead and heal fatal wounds.
    • Miraclo - The drug taken by Hourman that gives him super strength for one hour.
    • Profem - A drug that changes the gender of the user.
    • Sauncha - A spinach-like substance that grants the user superhuman strength.
    • Serum X - A serum that gives Atlanteans the ability to breath out of water.
    • Sharp - A drug that slows down the metabolism of speedsters.
    • Soul - A street drug that brings out a person's best or wost qualities.
    • Speed Juice - A drug that gives the user super speed.
    • Steroid A39 - A drug that turns the user into a super-strong "zombie."
    • Super-Plastic liquid - When drunk, grants the user "super-bouncing powers."
    • Tar - Drug that causes rapid mutation and super strength for a limited time.
    • Velocity 9 - A super-speed-granting drug with fatal side effects.
    • Velocity 10 - Same as Velocity 9 except with less fatal side effects.
    • Venom - A drug that gives the user immense superhuman strength.
    • Vitamin 2X - Drug that gave the first Blue Beetle his powers.
    • X-24 - Drug that gives the user explosive powers.
    • Xium - Earth element that transforms any normal human or animal into a superhuman.
    • Z-Formula - A Formula that grants the user the size and strength of ten gorillas.

    Marvel Comics

    • Actovaxidol - An ability-enhancing drug.
    • Banshee - A drug that gives the user abilities, or enhances their existing ones.
    • Compound X07 - Gives the user regeneration abilities and a high tolerance for pain.
    • Growth Pills - Causes the user to grow in size.
    • Hook - An Atlantean drug that when consumed by Hook-addicted humans makes them produce an enzyme that is synthesized into a newer, more popular drug. This drug causes the death of many humans and Atlanteans.
    • Infinity Formula - A formula that grants immortality and needs to be annually injected.
    • Kick - A drug that enhances the abilities of a mutant.
    • Mutant Growth Hormone - A aggression and strength enhancer sometimes used as a party drug.
    • Oz - The drug injected into the spider that gave Peter Parker his Spider-Man powers in the movie and Ultimate continuities.
    • Rapture - A highly deadly and addictive drug that gives someone control over another.
    • Rave - A street drug that gives a boost to a mutant's power for a short amount of time.
    • Red, White, and Blue - Drugs administered to the failed super soldier experiment "Nuke" that control his moods. Red pills amp up his adrenaline and aggression and send him into his berserker rages, White pills calm him down, and Blue pills keep him docile between his missions. The Red pills are actually just a placebo however.
    • Serum SO-2 - The drug responsible for the transformation of Ted Sallis into Man-Thing.
    • SS-2 - A drug that grants the user super speed, strength and endurance.
    • Super Soldier Serum - The infamous serum that gave Captain America his powers.
    • Terrigen Mists - A transformative substance that grants random mutant abilities to Inhuman youths. Non-Inhumans have abused these mists on occasion.
    • Thunderbolt - A heavily enhancing drug that also causes death in one hour.
    • Toad Juice - A "juice" derived from Toad Boy that induces psychedelic highs for its users, although it could also cause fatal mutations on certain human users.
    • Trigger Scent - A compound created by the Facility. On those programed to respond to it, it sends the subject into a blind, murderous state when exposed to it. Created by Dr. Zander Rice as a means to control X-23. Efforts have been made to make the Trigger Scent into a compound capable of affecting nearly anybody.
    • Zap - A highly addictive enhancer drug.

    Vertigo Comics

    Warren Publishing

    • Hyde Drug - Responsible for many outbreaks of violence and the gangs of Jackass.

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