Comic Book Creator #29

    Comic Book Creator » Comic Book Creator #29 released by TwoMorrows Publishing on Q1 2023.

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    • Ye Ed’s Rant: The passing of a Comic Book Giant and presence of a Great Talent - page 2
      • Up Front: Herb Trimpe Abroad. Robert Menzies chronicles the Incredible Herb’s year-long visit to the British Isles in the mid-1970s, and his work there - page 3
      • Another Pinch of Herb: Thermonuclear Avocado. As an added bonus, a 1976 British interview with Happy Herb Trimpe, conducted by Roger Hutchinson - page 10
      • Ten Questions: Darrick Patrick gets 10 big answers from Devin Kalile Grayson - page 12
      • Zine Scene: Ye Ed’s new feature on zines of note, such as American Bystander - page 17
      • The Man Called Gold: Part two of our three-part interview with Mike Gold covers his hiring by publisher Jenette Kahn and days of DC’s Explosion/Implosion - page 18
      • Comics in the Library: Rich Arndt on new books in the stacks! - page 27
      • Incoming: The return of our letter column begins with a missive from Steve Rude - page 28
      • The Bloody Red Baron: Mike Baron gives Greg Biga the scoop on his latest gigs - page 31
      • Once Upon a Long Ago: E.C. Fan-Addict Thompson on how he got hooked - page 36
      • Hembeck’s Dateline: Fred creates a Rogue’s Gallery of Flash’s baddest bad guys - page 37
      • Donald Francis McGregor: Under the Gun - The ground-breaking writer shares an afternoon at home with Ye Ed to discuss his brilliant achievements in comics, including the “Panther’s Rage” masterwork that inspired the 2018 Marvel movie and, as a graphic novel pioneer, with Sabre, the taboo-breaking dystopian science fiction series, and so much more! - page 38
      • “It Ain’t Betrayal If It Isn’t a Friend”: Don McGregor has something to say - page 65
      • Panther’s Pride: A Ye Ed moderated panel discussion with McGregor and Rich Buckler on launching “Panther’s Rage” and maintaining a life-long friendship - page 66
      • Bonus! Tom Ziuko talks about his Nathaniel Dusk coloring on Gene Colan’s pencils - page 75
      • Creators at the Con: Kendall Whitehouse clicks pics at Fan Expo Philadelphia ’22 - page 78
      • Coming Attractions: Toronto’s own Michael Cho is coming next ish - page 79
      • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Tom Ziuko remembers ZOT! - page 80
      • Right: A detail of the Gil Kane (pencils) and Frank Giacoia (inks) cover on Jungle Action #10 [July 1974].
      • EDITOR’S CLARIFICATION: We regret the Shawn Kerrie feature proved to be a no-go for this issue.


    Comic Book Creator™️ is published quarterly (more or less) by TwoMorrows Publishing, 10407 Bedfordtown Dr., Raleigh, NC 27614 USA. Phone: (919) 449-0344. Jon B. Cooke, editor. John Morrow, publisher. Comic Book Creator editorial offices: P.O. Box 601, West Kingston, RI 02892 USA. E-mail: Send subscription funds to TwoMorrows, NOT to the editorial offices. Four-issue subscriptions: $53 US, $78 International, $19 Digital. All characters are © their respective copyright owners. All material © their creators unless otherwise noted. All editorial matter ©2023 Jon B. Cooke/TwoMorrows. Comic Book Creator is a ™️ of Jon B. Cooke/TwoMorrows. ISSN 2330-2437. Printed in China. FIRST PRINTING.



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