Online Comics: The Wave Of The Future?

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#51 Posted by Reaper 13 (75 posts) - - Show Bio

I get most of my comics through online means because I'm in Europe.  I do think it would totally suck big time for printed comics to go away though.

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#52 Posted by T_DUB! (30 posts) - - Show Bio

NO!!!!!!!!! No No NO NONO!!  it just cant go all digital, there has to be paper copies, otherwise it wouldnt be a
'ComicBOOK'  and theyre a blast to hold and collect, having to haul a big box of heavy comics out of your way to find
your other box, putting em in order, baggin em so they dont get ruined, yelling at people when they touch the really
old ones.......thats half of why i love comics...well maybe not half.....still...ya cant beat paper.

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#53 Posted by ARMIV (3927 posts) - - Show Bio

No to the online comics!
It's TRADITION to read them on the paper format,and that's something that can never be replaced!

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#54 Posted by Nova`Prime` (4172 posts) - - Show Bio

Man I am torn on this topic. I really like the idea of having all my comics on the computer.. but I also hate the idea. Now if you can put them on an ereader, I think that would be pretty cool. But I also would like the ereader to be like the size of a pad of paper so you don't lose anything in the images. If anything you'll see more comics online as like a bigger test bed for newer stuff, where they will still print classic titles, like Superman, Avengers, Captain America. MP3s aren't killing the CD industry so online comics shouldn't hurt paper ones, at least not that bad.

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#55 Posted by TheBug (1121 posts) - - Show Bio

There is no collecting online. You can't hold it. You can't appreciate the old pulpy paper, or the perfect staples.
You can't pass them down to your children. And how boring would conventions be if all comic were digital.
You can't get anything signed. If your a casual reader digital comics might be okay, but they take out all the fun of being a hardcore collector.

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#56 Posted by AliceHatter (112 posts) - - Show Bio

HELL NO!!!! Nothing is better than holding an original (insert fave) comic in your hands! And what would happen to comic collectors?

"Selling for $660,000, a PDF of Actions Comics #1!!!" 

Worst Idea Ever.
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#57 Posted by zombietag (1696 posts) - - Show Bio

onlines not the same to me. i sometimes read cbrs to catch up on storylines i didnt get to pick up and dont want to pay for or things like that, but the real deal is way better. its just way more fun holding it and computers dont do justice in my opinion

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#58 Posted by Cezar_TheScribe (2774 posts) - - Show Bio
Electronic books is the most absurd ideas I've ever heard.
The people who want this are the publishers.
It would be cheaper for them, but bad for us.
I don't care what the cheapest form is, I want printed comics, books, and magazines.
Yes, even newspapers.
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#59 Posted by zengei (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Digital comics as the primary distribution are inevitable, like everything else in print. If nostalgia is really that valuable to you then it should be no problem ponying up the extra money to purchase a print issue. If, however, as I imagine it will be for most people, the value of your nostalgia is less than what it'll cost to support the diminishing print market then your choice is economically trivial: digital.

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#60 Posted by Chaos Agent (2158 posts) - - Show Bio


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#61 Posted by Meteorite (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

I suppose this is kinda alright for someone like me, who doesn't live near a comic book store, but I still prefer the actual comics.

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#62 Posted by vicsrealms (85 posts) - - Show Bio

It really depends on how they do it.  If they fill it with a mess of DRM then it will kill the idea.  Still, as a person who no longer collects comics.  I actually wouldn't mind being able to buy them in some form of digital format.  Comic books are fragile and can easily fall apart if your not careful, while a collector would take extremely good care of their comics.  Those of us who are not collectors would probably not even bother buying others after they fall apart.  Which is the primary reason I stopped buying them.  I usually read them at the store and then move on until they come out in a collectors book type thing.  It would definetly get me to purchase them as the only way I would lose them is if my hard drive crashed and I didn't have a backup on DVD/CD.

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#63 Posted by dane (10762 posts) - - Show Bio

comics on a computer will never match the quality of having the book in your hand tbh. It's ok for web comics because honestly they're drawn to quite a poor standard so no one cares that hard. Also I prefer a lasting physical copy of the book that I can pull out whenever I want.

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#64 Posted by Dead (44 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't like reading comics on the computer! I want to own the comic not see it on a damned computer.

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#65 Posted by jeangreydonnatroy (69 posts) - - Show Bio

please no!!!!!!!!!

i like printed
i love to collect them

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#66 Posted by logan48227 (299 posts) - - Show Bio

Let's all be honest for a moment. Comics becoming a completely digital medium isn't an "if" thing, its a "when" thing. It will happen sooner rather than later, if for no other reason than to cut costs for the publishers.

Do I like this idea? Hell no! But we all need to understand that it is what will be.

You don't need a crystal ball to see the obvious.

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#67 Posted by Knightwraithe (39 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself said:
" I really enjoy paper, there's nothing better than having that book right in your hands, but at the same time I'm a tech nerd and I can't wait for the day when I can have a device that holds my entire collection and I can carry it where ever I want and pull up any book I want within seconds "
Bud I agree with you 100%...but that tech device (let's be a sci-fi geek and call it a datapad) has to be a good size and "feel" right in my hands too.
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#68 Posted by SevanGrim (2192 posts) - - Show Bio

lol good times...

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#69 Posted by Mercy_ (94677 posts) - - Show Bio

@Grim: Somebody's friends with Mat on Facebook :P

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#70 Posted by SevanGrim (2192 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Dark Huntress said:

@Grim: Somebody's friends with Mat on Facebook :P

caught me :)

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