Bag and Boarding woes

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It's been a while (I mean a long while) since I've done the dirty work.  Working on it the past three hours probably still have a couple hundred books to go.  Save me!

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@thatfunnybookguy: Do you have any paper cuts yet?
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I DO have a paper cut, however, none from bagging and boarding.  It's just from a work incident this morning.  However, it has reopened thanks to a few too many boards.

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I ran out of bags & boards, so I had to go through my entire collection re-bagging them.  Two to a bag, covers on the outside, sandwiching the board.  Thankfully it was a boring bank holiday weekend so I had the time to kill... It also made a lot more room in my long boxes.

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Not having picked up any for nigh-on 3 months now, I know it's sad but I'm starting to miss the mundain task :/

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The shop I used to buy at bagged and boarded every issue. Then I started shopping at a new place that also bagged and boarded but charged you for it and didnt tell you. Now I shop at the place closest to home. They only bag, but at least your not charged for it. I keep up with bags and boards religiously.

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