Comic Book Artist #16

    Comic Book Artist » Comic Book Artist #16 - The Atlas/Seaboard Story released by TwoMorrows Publishing on December 1, 2001.

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    The Atlas/Seaboard Story

    A short history of Atlas Comics/Seaboard Periodicals; was it a publishing house built as an act of revenge?

    The former Atlas/Seaboard Editor-in-Chief on his tumultuous tenure at the comics company

    Object of Revenge: Making Theirs Marvel

    Roy Thomas on the attitude of the original "House of Ideas" on the gambit of Martin Goodman

    Ernie Colón Interview: The Quintessential Cartoonist

    From Richie Rich to his graphic novel masterworks, the artist discusses his long career in comics

    Steve Mitchell Interview: When Atlas Shrugged

    Atlas/Seaboard's first production manager, Steve Mitchell, on the ups and downs of Goodman's comics

    Larry Hama Interview: Year of the Wulf

    The artist/writer/editor on his first big break-Wulf the Barbarian-and on the value of friendship

    Howard Chaykin Interview: Sting of the Scorpion

    One of our favorite raconteurs on his first great creation and the many incarnations of Moro Frost

    Sal Amendola Interview: The Flight of Phoenix

    The bittersweet saga of the artist's experience in the House of Martin Goodman

    Jim Craig Interview: In the House of Goodman

    The artist on his short but prolific Atlas/Seaboard days

    Creator Roundtable: The Atlas/Seaboard Experience

    Wrightson, Heath, Simonson, Milgrom, Austin, Weiss, and Staton discuss their work at Atlas/Seaboard

    The Dark Avenger/Artists as Models: A Little Help From Their Friends

    A picture essay on Pat Broderick's "The Dark Avenger" and a Terry Austin-directed photo shoot!

    Ric Meyers Interview: The Atlas Age of Comics

    The Atlas/Seaboard assistant editor remembers the promise and perhaps the truth behind the collapse

    Alan Kupperberg Interview: In the New House of Ideas

    Working for editor-in-chief Larry Lieber as production manager in the twilight days of Atlas/Seaboard

    A Closer Look: One Brief, Shining Moment

    Nicholas Caputo's essay on the Ditko, Goodwin & Wood gem among the rough, The Destructor

    Comics Chronology: The Atlas/Seaboard Checklist

    A complete listing of the entire Atlas Comics and Seaboard Periodical line-up, all 72 issues!

    Endgame: DAK on the Demise

    Atlas/Seaboard's last assistant editor David Anthony Kraft on the final days of the Great Experiment


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