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Major Story Arcs

Two Lives Become One

Andrew Jones was a crippled jockey who was selected by an agency known as the Stable to undergo genetic therapy and had his DNA spliced with that of a horse and could walk again. He also developed enhanced strength through his genetic modification. He was fitted with a suit that allowed him to fly. As a thank you, Stable wanted him to work for them, but Andrew refused and ran.

Andrea Martinez was a girl who was unsure of herself, she even tried killing herself a couple of times. She then met Cutter Sharp, and got married to him. But that didn't take and she left him. She started using drugs, and her life went downwards. Then she found extreme-sport, she tried every crazy thing she could think of. Finally, she opted to climb the Mt. Everest all by her own. That was her last mistake, she fell and broke her legs, she was going to die.

Then Andrew Jones found the young woman Andrea Martinez freezing to death on a mountaintop. He attempted to save her but ended up fusing with her into the Earth-Born Angel of Love, the Comet. Andrea's personality seems to be the dominant one, because when Comet turns back to human, he's a she. Andrea renamed herself to Andy Jones in honor of Andrew, who saved her.


Comet encountered Supergirl, who found herself attracted to him due to his love powers. However when she learned that Comet could change into a human woman she rejected his affections and opened the way for the Blithe, the Angel of Light, to exploit Andy's feelings of rejection due to the fact she was a lesbian. This allowed Blithe to convince Comet to work for the Carnivore, a powerful evil force, who transformed Comet into an winged centaur with icy wings and freezing vision. However, Supergirl was able to help Comet overcome his manipulation, and even won Blithe over to their side. Blithe being bisexual fell for Comet as she loved both his aspects

Powers & Ablilities

Superhuman Strength: Comet has the DNA of a horse which gives him incredible strength.

Superhuman Speed: Comet can move faster than the speed of sound, when he moves at superspeed he leaves an icy contrail behind him.

Flight: Comet could originally fly by propelling himself with icy energy, once he developed his angelic powers he flew via his ice wings.

Ice Vision: Comet can fire beams of frost from his eyes that freeze whatever they hit upon contact.

Ice Wings: Comet's wings are composed of solid ice and can fire razor sharp ice feathers.

Shape Shifting: Comet can shift from his current male centaur form into his female aspect, Andrea.

Angel of Love: As the Angel of Love Comet can "thaw frozen hearts" and elicit feelings of love from those around him.


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