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    Angelic centaur with powers over ice and love

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    Major Story Arcs

    Two Lives Become One

    Andrew Jones was a crippled jockey who was selected by an agency known as the Stable to undergo genetic therapy and had his DNA spliced with that of a horse and could walk again. He also developed enhanced strength through his genetic modification and was fitted with a suit that allowed him to fly. Stable then revealed the catch: they wanted him to pay him back the money spent on him by performing mercenary work for them. Andrew adamantly refused and fled.

    Andrea Martinez was a girl who was driven to walk away from her life when her parents rejected her for being gay. Her pain became severe enough she tried killing herself a few times. She later met Cutter Sharp and married him in hopes of finding peace, but it that didn't take and she left him. She started using drugs, and her life went downwards. Eventually, she left drugs for a new addiction: the adrenaline of extreme-sports, and tried every reckless thing she could think of. Finally, she opted to climb Mt. Everest alone. Along the way, she fell and broke her legs, unable to save herself from freezing to death.

    While on the run, Andrew Jones found Andrea and attempted to save her. Unfortunately, he failed, and could only shield her from the cold as he died. However, his body merged with Andrea's, saving her life and granting her his powers and the ability to shapeshift into her savior's form. In honor of Andrew, Andrea renamed herself to Andy Jones, and took off. Choosing to become a stand-up comic, she occasionally did good deeds while traveling, oblivious to the dangerous powers Andrew was running from.


    Comet chose to operate out of Leesburg, Supergirl's hometown. After meeting Supergirl, Andy and began hitting on her in her Comet form. Supergirl herself became attracted to Comet due to her love powers causing the feelings to appear. At the same time, Andy befriended Linda Danvers, and harbored an attraction her new friend. While getting to know her, Andy began to suspect Linda was hiding a secret, wrongly assuming Linda was a closeted lesbian when she was really hiding her identity as Supergirl. However, when Supergirl learned that Andy and Comet were the same person, she rejected her affections, but the two stayed allies and friends. Between traveling for her comedy gigs, she would occasionally visit Leesburg and help with crime.

    During one such visit, Comet works with Supergirl to track a demonic creature, eventually finding a Chaos Stream. After getting separated from Supergirl, she is captured by Blithe, the Angel of Light. After being detained, Blithe uses her powers to to dredge up Andy's feelings of hate towards those who rejected her due to the fact she was a lesbian. This allowed Blithe to convince Comet to turn to evil and work for the Carnivore, a powerful evil force. As a result, Andy's Comet form changed to become a winged centaur with icy wings and freezing vision. However, after learning that her mother(the first person to reject her) died, Comet overcome her hate and turned on the Carnivore. In the aftermath, Blithe, revealed to be bisexual, entered a relationship with Andy, unconcerned that she has a male and female form.

    Powers & Ablilities

    Superhuman Strength: Comet has the DNA of a horse which gives him incredible strength.

    Superhuman Speed: Comet can move faster than the speed of sound. When moving at superspeed, he leaves an icy contrail behind him.

    Flight: Comet could originally fly by propelling herself with icy energy, once she developed her angelic powers he flew via his ice wings.

    Ice Vision: After Andy became evil, she learned to fire beams of frost from her eyes that freeze whatever they hit upon contact.

    Ice Wings: Andy also developed wings composed of solid ice and can fire razor sharp ice feathers.

    Shape Shifting: Comet can shift between a male centaur form into her human female form.

    Angel of Love: As the Angel of Love Comet can "thaw frozen hearts" and elicit feelings of love from those around her.


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