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    Empoy is an orphan who witnessed a spaceship crash. When he approached the spaceship it opened up and he saw a dying armored alien named Combatron, who then handed down his armor to Empoy.

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    Empoy is an orphaned child visiting his parent's grave when a spaceship crashed near the area where he is. Upon investigating the site, he found a dying armored alien who sensed Empoy's good heart and gave him the Combatron armor before disappearing. Upon receiving the armor, Empoy gained super strength, speed and durability. He also gained a trusty companion (dog) named Askal. Thus, Combatron was reborn.

    Earth Under Attack

    Suddenly, Empoy realized the reason of the spaceship's crash. It was being chased by another ship containing evil cyborg aliens wearing cybernetic armors. They continued their pursuit and found earth and it's inhabitants an easy target to be conquered.


    Upon landing, they saw the crashed ship and found Combatron, a fight broke out and Combatron gained the upper hand. The villain returned to their base, warning Combatron that their war isn't over and earth will be conquered.

    After then, a series of enemies appear to try to defeat Combatron. He defeats them all, until their leader appears. Combatron was defeated by the leader Abo-dawn, and withdraws to get help. Combatron decides to head for Omicron, the homeworld of the Space Warriors. On the way, he was intercepted by Bogus, a subordinate of Abo-dawn who is a master of illusions and was trapped in a video-game resembling various popular video-games. But an all-out attack from Combatron destroys Bogus and neutralizes the illusion.

    A double agent under the alias of Alchitran secretly aids Combatron in his struggles. Combatron acquires new powers and allies. He then challenges the leader to a rematch and defeats him. But just when it seems the battles are over a new threat appears in the name of Death Metal.

    New Allies

    Even before the time of Death Metal's emergence, Combatron has lost his first dog sidekick, Askal, to a villain called Diaconda. He was then replaced by Dobbernaught. Two allies of similar armours also emerged. Axle, in green, and Metallica, in red/pink.

    Unstoppable Death Metal

    Death Metal is revealed to be the reborn Alchitran, rendered indestructible after being transformed from a comet impact. Searching for revenge against Abo-Dawn and with indirect hostilities against Combatron, Death Metal throws the galaxy into a three-way battle of supremacy.

    The new villain also mustered new allies, Quietus, Bracagon, and Helvetica. The sides of war was quickly reduced to two as Abo-Dawn and his forces were easily dealt with by Death Metal. Combatron and his allies, despite fighting valiantly, were also defeated by Death Metal. Combatron used the vortex he was previously sucked into during the battle with a previous enemy (Caligula) and trapped Death Metal temporarily.


    Combatron and company took advantage of their precious time and repaired themselves. Combatron himself underwent an upgrade with hip disks and torso as the most noticeable features. Galactic Thunder and Galactic Phoenix were added powers that would prove useful further on their battles.

    Round 2 and the "Bigger" Enemy

    Metallica, on her way to the comet where Alchitran's original body is to be found, was captured by an even newer threat; a planet that calls himself Megadeath.

    Meanwhile, Combatron engaged Death Metal once again. This time around, the battle was more of a stalemate. Their fight, however, was interrupted by a strange light that transferred them directly to the planetoid being; Megadeath, who wanted the two combatants to bow to him. With a common enemy, Combatron and Death Metal vowed allegiance to each other.


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