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    Volume » Published by Le Lombard. Started in 1972.


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    Comanche first appeared in Tintin magazine in 1969, and was quickly compared to Blueberry (Dargaud) and Jerry Spring (Dupuis). Greg did all the writing and Hermann focused on the recreation of a raw and violent Western. The expressiveness of Hermann's art is the main difference with the other westerns, but not the only one. Unlike Blueberry and Jerry Spring, the main character of Comanche, Red Dust, is actually a cow-boy, not a soldier, and the volume isn't named after him. Comanche is a young and strong woman whose ranch is the cause of most of Red Dust adventures. Without her, Red Dust would probably be an empty bounty hunter.
    Hermann eventually got tired of working in Comanche, the storyline was too much traditional for him. He felt a bit frustrated to don't be able to participate in the writing and with Le Lombard's conservatism in some aspects of the story. Since issue #11, in 1990, Michel Rouge did the art and the volume moved to Dargaud.


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