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Colossus flees
Colossus flees

Colossus is an alien sent to Earth to bring back a human specimen for study. The aim of his race was to determine from the specimen whether humans are weak and conquerable. His space ship lands atop a mountain peak in the Bora-Buru region of Africa. Although the peak is too steep for him to climb down, the natives nonetheless fear him due to his gigantic size and obey his commands. However when he demands a human sacrifice, The Avengers are called in.

Giant Man and The Wasp answer the call after being notified by Captain America and as soon as they arrive, a fight ensues. Although Colossus managed to overwhelm Giant Man a number of times, he was eventually tricked into believing Earthlings are enchanted and too dangerous to conquer. Thus he flees in his space ship and Earth is no longer under threat from his planet.


Colossus' only appearance to date was in Tales To Astonish #58. He was created by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers


Powers and Abilities

Colossus was extremely strong, to go along with his impressively giant statue. At a height of around 30 feet, he was an intimidating foe. Even when Hank Pym matched him for size, he proved to be stronger. 
Physical Characteristics  
Height: 30' 
Weight: 12.5 tons 
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown  

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