Which otherworldly Colossus counterpart is worthy of his armor?

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I always thought many of the X-Men had several counterparts, and Colossus is no exception. So I was wondering this, as a result. Of all of the counterparts of Colossus from other universes, which one would be most worthy, in your opinion, of having the capability to turn into an organic steel version of themselves?  
Rhinox from Beast Wars: Transformers? 
Steel from DC Comics? 
Golem from the Monster Rancher Anime? 
Manny from Ice Age? 
MetalGreymon from Digimon?  
Exile from Road Rovers?  
Zangief from Street Fighter?  
Jax from Mortal Kombat?  
Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter?  
Big Slammu from Street Sharks?  
Hunk from Voltron?  
Please tell me which of these otherworldly counterparts of Colossus you think most deserve their own version of his famous organic steel armor, or if there is another one of them more deserving of such a power.
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....I honestly dont think it'll be the same if another character had his power set, except his son if they ever decide to use him

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