Serpent avatar > Cyttorak avatar?????

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I just read the Uncanny X-men run in Fear Itself. When I read this page, it didn't make any sense to me.(Not that Fear Itself was well constructed anyway). But based on this scan, it would seem that the Serpent's avatar (Juggs) is superior in every way to Cyttorak's avatar (Colossunaut). The "all ways but one" in the next frame referres to Colossunaut being "unstoppable."

Doesn't seem right considering Cyttorak is multiversal and Serpent, if equal to Odin, is a galaxy level threat.

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Eh, I know whomever is The Juggernaut seems to have trouble with magical weapons or creatures. From what I understand of Kuurth he's up that alley and totes a large magic hammer. 'Course that doesn't really stop Colossus in the slightest. He keeps on truckin'! It's a juggernaut trademark.

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