Colonel Rumaan Harjavti

    Character » Colonel Rumaan Harjavti appears in 28 issues.

    Ruthless megalomaniac ruler of Bialya.

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    Rumaan Harjavti was once the dictator of the African nation of Bialya. A constant enemy of the Justice League International, Harjavti tricked the alien Champions of Angor into helping in his country's political conflict with the Soviet Union and, later, joined with the Joker in an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the international hero team. When Rumaan was murdered by the Queen Bee, his twin brother Sumaan took control of Bialya. He killed Queen Bee and took control of the Global Guardians who had been hypnotised by her. They became Sumaan's agents, defending Bialya against a coup by Lower Pluxas, a small, neighbouring nation. The Guardians were freed from their hypnotic control and left Bialya. Sumaan's grip on power was ended by the dictator Colonel Rajak.

    Major Story Arc

    Justice League

    When the Champions of Angor come to Bialya and start destroying it's missile silos, it is Colonel Harjavti who gets them to stop. He applauds their work and wishes to aide them by pointing out other countries missiles. He starts with Israel where the Champions run into the Justice League. Harjavti comes to the Champions aide by informing the Justice League they are in Bialya air space and would be shoot down. The Justice League retreats and later Harjavti informs the Champions of the next biggest threat Russia.

    Harjavti shows the Champions a map of Russia and where all the nukes are located. Then after they leave to destroy the nukes Harjavti revels he is of course using them to take out his enemies and will then aim them at the rest of the world.

    Justice League International

    Harjavti appears on the Jack Ryder show but only knows one phrase in English, "It is being my pleasure here to be Mr. Ryder"

    JLA Incarnations

    Rumaan has turned Bialya into a resort for super villains. He has made a promotional video outlining the benefits are staying in Bialya. Batman finds the tape in the Penguin’s lair and takes it to the JLI, where Max forbids the JLI’s involvement. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle decide to disobey Max and go to Bialya anyway. They arrive there disguised as Bloodspot and Deathmetal, two made up super villains. They are able to get past security but are caught by Rumaan trying to break into the vault.

    Rumaan throws them in jail and they are trapped there until they hear exploitation outside. Rumaan comes rushing in and begs them for help. The JLI has stolen most of the super villain’s money and transferred into Rumaan’s account. Rumaan is forced to allow the JLI into Bialya to help out and stop the now rioting villains.

    Rumaan then gives a speech to Tully Reed written by his assistant, Geoffrey Ffoukes, in which Rumaan takes full blame for what happened in Bialya and that he is putting Geoffrey in charge. Rumaan then realizing what he has read out loud shoots and kills Geoffrey. Ending his speech with “Goo’ Bye”.

    In Other Media

    Young Justice

    Rumaan appears in the episode "Image" as the leader of Qurac. He is portrayed as far more sympathetic and reasonable than his comic counterpart, and is forced into allowing Queen Bee's forces into his country after his daughter is taken hostage by Psimon. After Miss Martian defeats Psimon and the Bialyan military is forced out of Quarac, Rumaan resumes his role as the head of the nation.


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