Colonel Liger

    Character » Colonel Liger appears in 54 issues.

    A British Army colonel who was scarred by Wolverine. He has been improved by Mys-Tech technology and he uses a voice activated weapon known as "Clementine", which can change ammo type on command.

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    During Tigon Liger's early career as a British Army colonel, he was on attachment to US Special Forces in Antarctica and South America, prior to his transference to British Intelligence Shadow Section. While tracking Madripoor armament sales, Liger encountered Wolverine who tried to deliver a cryptic message. They fought, and Liger woke days later with his face scarred.

    Soon after, his brother Lynx recruited him into Mys-Tech as an advisor before disappearing through a wormhole in Antarctica. Liger became one of Mys-Tech's dimension-hopping Warheads, hoping to track Lynx down. Surviving a number of jumps, including one where an advanced reptilian race wiped out his troop, Liger acquired a chateau in France's Boudeaux region. As Kether Troop's leader, Liger confided in Psi-Scout, Misha and their Master Key (Alfred J Swinburne). Other regular team members included his lover Cale, hit-man Gregory, the empath medic Perez, and Stacey Arnheim, responsible for troop defense. Liger discovered another "companion" - a voice operated gun from the city of Numeropolis, on planet Septimus Primo III in the Magellanic Clouds. Liger named the gun Clementine and it became his main weapon.

    During a jump into the past, Kether troop stumbled upon Wolverine in the Australian Outback. Liger realised that this was what Wolverine had tried to warm him about in Madripoor, but was unable to prevent him from killing three team members, including Cale.


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