Colonel Abdul al-Rahman

    Character » Colonel Abdul al-Rahman appears in 12 issues.

    Abdul al-Rahman, the Middle Eastern counterpart of Captain America, is the only person to survive the Super-Soldier process after Steve Rogers.

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    During the invasion of Iraq by American super-soldiers a puny Azerbaijani teenager Abdul Al-Rahman volunteered to undergo medical treatments to gain superhuman abilities that would allow him to strike back at America. The treatments were successful, and Al-Rahman rapidly gained muscle mass , mental performance and an athletic physique. He was described as "the first person since Steve Rogers responsive to the Super Soldier Serum."

    Major Story Arcs

    Grand Theft America

    During the Liberators' invasion of America, he engaged Captain America (Steve Rogers) in hand-to-hand combat, ordering all other units to not interfere. After Rogers nearly defeated him, the Colonel rescinded his order, having his soldiers hold Rogers down while Al-Rahman prepared to decapitate him. However, the Hulk threw Captain America's shield with enough strength to slice off the Colonel's hands, giving Captain America enough time to break free and knock the Colonel into the fountain of the World War II memorial. Captain America then impaled Abdul with his own weapon

    Abdul's body was later taken by SHIELD and sent to Dr. Branklin.


    Double-Bladed "Lightsaber": He carried a weapon like the double-bladed lightsaber used by Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The weapon however was broken by Captain America, showing it to be solid.


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