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    Colombia is a former Spanish colony which gained independence. It was part of federations with other states but achieved full independence in 1886. Panama, one of its areas, seceded in 1903. Colombia is a beautiful country devastated by drug lords and "guerrilla" movements, the country has passed many obstacles to development but now the inner conflict has been fading. It a country with great potential, with diverse resources.

    It is the 26th largest state in the world and the 29th most populous. The capital and largest city is Bogota.

    The country has land borders with Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil. It has sea borders with Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

    Colombian Characters

    Marvel Comics

    HighNote (Marvel)

    Toro (Marvel)

    Explosa (Marvel)

    The Secret Avengers had to face Onslaught in the deep Amazonian forest on Colombia, in order to save Toro.

    Colombian Comics

    Eric Daniels (Merlin Comics)

    Caos (Merlin Comics)

    Evelyn (Merlin Comics)

    Neura (Phyco Estudios)

    Sor Rita (Phyco Estudios)

    Anaximandro (Phyco Estudios)


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