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    Ho, Sun, Chang, Lin, and Han Tao-Yu are five Chinese quintuplets and mutants that can merge into a single powerful being, and draw strength from all the people in China.

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    Enemies of the X-Men, these quintuplets fight for the Chinese government. They were once affiliated with the Chinese revolutionary group called 3-Peace.


    Collective Man was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema in 1980 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 250.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Contest of Champions

    The Grandmaster and an individual called the Unknown challenged each other to the Game of Champions which was a tournament involving numerous heroes possessing superhuman powers. Collective Man was teleported to a giant arena while he was driving off a gang of thieves . Collective Man is one of the twelve members selected on the Unknown's team. The object of the contest is to battle members of the Grandmaster's team to gather the most pieces of the Golden Globe of Life which was separated into four pieces and hidden at the far corners of the Earth.


    The Collective Man, Jade Dragon and Nuwa would form 3-Peace and fight for freedom against the Chinese Government. 3-Peace would join forces with the Mutant Liberation Front when they offered to help free the mutants that were being detained by the Chinese Government. 3-Peace and the MLF would come into conflict with China Force when they infiltrated a facility that was being used to search for mutants within the borders of China. Nuwa gets the information they needed from the tracking station after China Force is defeated and they find the Citizen's Rehabilitation Center outside of Shanghai which was actually a prison for mutants. Reignfire and the Mutant Liberation Front would betray 3-Peace and bartered their freedom for their own needs. 3-Peace would fight off the Mutant Liberation Front and escape from the Chinese army.

    The Unspoken

    Collective Man subsequently joined China Force, now known as the People's Defense Force, and led the team into a battle in Tibet against the Unspoken. Allying with the Avengers' Quicksilver and U.S.Agent, they fought against the powerful Inhuman to no avail. During the battle, Collective Man was exposed to the Xerogen mists and de-evolved into an Alpha Primitive. The Unspoken was eventually defeated by the combined efforts of the Avengers and the surviving members of the People's Dfense Force and Collective Man was restored to his normal self by Hank Pym.


    The Collective Man recently resurfaced in Chinatown, San Francisco intimidating the residents into communism and wresting power away from other criminals by killing them.

    Powers & Abilities

    Originally they could only merge into one being with five times normal abilities, later they were enhanced by magic to gain far greater power, enabling them to become a giant with the power of millions. However, they cannot maintain this state for long.


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