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    One of the Three Little Pigs. Colin keeps escaping from the Farm in Upstate New York because he wants to be a city pig. Back in the day, his house was made out of straw which Bigby Wolf destroyed.

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    As one of the Three Little Pigs forced to live at The Farm in upstate New York after The Adversary drove all of the Fables out of the homelands. Colin saw himself as a city pig and kept escaping to New York City. Often he would crash on Bigby Wolf's couch, saying that he owed him for destroying his straw house centuries ago. The final time he was taken back to the Farm, his cousin's Dun and Posey were involved in a revolution against the human Fables. With the help of Goldilocks, Dun had Colin's head chopped off and put on a stake as a warning against Snow White, who was up inspecting the Farm.

    The late Colin appeared to Snow White on four occasions after his murder, still appearing as a head on a pole. The first occasion was when she lay in a coma after being shot by Goldilocks, where they discussed death briefly and Colin pointed out that, while he was dead, she probably wasn't. The second was shortly before the assault on Fabletown by the wooden soldiers, giving her warning that bad things were coming that would require all of them to defeat. The third occasion was in a dream after her return to the Farm with her children, to warn her that things weren't going to improve any time soon. His final appearance was apparently while Snow was awake, to tell her that things were finally going to get better for her (unbeknownst to Snow, Bigby was on the way back) and to say goodbye, that she didn't need him any more and that he should move on to whatever came next. Whether this was simply a function of Snow's unconscious mind or whether Colin's spirit survived his murder in some manner is unclear. The guiding spirit of Colin appeared again behind Santa Claus when Santa prophesized a coming battle to Flycatcher, and to Rose Red, warning her that she would have to lead Fabletown during the crisis of Mister Dark.

    However, due to Boy Blue's death, her possible guilt for hurting Sinbad, Rose Red has been trying to ignore Colin's presence and advice all together. Finally, after many days of trying to convince Rose to step up to her responsibilities, the spirit of Colin decided that more drastic measures were needed. Changing its shape, it briefly took the form of Boy Blue before deciding that that form would be too cruel. It shifted again, morphing into Rose and Snow's mother. In this form, it was able to motivate Rose to get out of bed and run the Farm. However, Rose knew right after being motivate that the spirit was neither Colin, nor Boy Blue, or her mother, whom it was was shown only to her.

    After the defeat of Mister Dark, it was revealed that the it no spirit but Hope, of the same great powers like Mister North and Dark.

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    He appears in the game The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games.


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