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    Coldheart was a government agent who blamed super-heroes and villains for the death of her son.

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    Kateri Deseronto (a Mohawk name, indicating Native American ancestry) worked for an unnamed federal agency. After her son was killed during a super-powered conflict, Deseronto was forced to retire due to her traumatized mental condition. She chose to take matters into her own hands. Stealing a pair of cold-generating swords and a suit of armor from her previous employers, Deseronto began a campaign against super-humans under the name of Coldheart.

    Coldheart's first target was Spider-Man. She learned the web-slinger's location using a walkie-talkie tuned into the police band. Spidey was in battle with the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), who had kidnapped his own son. This didn't stop Coldheart from attacking Spider-Man. After Spider-Man save Macendale's son from a fall, Coldheart was able to paralyze him with one of her blades. But the boy convinced her not to kill the hero and Coldheart left to pursue the Hobgoblin instead with unknown results. 


    Coldheart was created by Howard Mackie and Tom Lyle in 1994 and first appeared in Spider-Man # 49.

    Major Story Arcs

    Civil War

    At some point unchronicled, Coldheart was captured and imprisoned in the Raft. She also apparently escaped during a mass break-out. Coldheart hid out in a house located in Stamford, Connecticut with a trio of super-villains ( Nitro, Speedfreek, and the Cobalt Man) in spite of her past as a government agent and previous hatred of super-humans.

    When the New Warriors attempted to apprehend the escapees as part of their reality show, Coldheart was defeated by Namorita and Night Thrasher. Moments later, Nitro (later revealed to have been under the influence of Mutant Growth Hormone) detonated in a massive explosion of unprecedented force. Hundreds of people were killed, including most of the New Warriors and apparently Coldheart herself. 

    Weapons & Abilities

    Coldheart is a skilled operative and hand-to-hand combatant. She also wears skintight armor on her legs and arms that is quite flexible. Coldheart is also a skilled swordsman that wields two swords that emits a freezing blast. The swords are capable of freezing an opponent in place when they physically touch a person. She also wears a holster equipped with one handgun.  


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