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Coldfire hatched in 938. Coldfire fell in love with her rookery brother Coldstone and became his mate. Her other rookery brother Coldsteel was jealous so he tried to make Coldstone believe that Coldfire was cheating on him with Goliath. Coldfire managed to convince Coldstone that she was indeed faithful and Coldsteel was banished for his manipulations for one year. Coldfire and Coldstone had one egg before their deaths, Gabriel the leader of the Avalon Clan.

Coldfire was one of the many gargoyles killed in the Wyvern massacre.

When Demona tried to revive Coldstone she used parts of Coldfire and Coldstone bodies as well and three souls soon inhabited the same body.

Coldfire and Coldsteel were given their own bodies by David Xanatos. Coldfire and Coldstone set off to find and defeat Coldsteel and when they did they promised to join the Manhattan Clan.

Coldfire didn't have an official name till she was placed in the body of Coldfire. Desdemona was only used in the script.


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