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    James Lucas, Jr. is the brother of Luke Cage. He was given superpowers by the Corporation with the sole purpose of fighting Cage. His alias was Coldfire.

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    James Lucas, Jr. was born and raised in Harlem, New York. Even from an early age, James developed a deep hatred for his brother Carl Lucas, who he believed continually brought shame to their family through his criminal activities. The brothers fought constantly and eventually James even came to blame Carl for the tragic death of their mother. James even tried to convince their father, James Lucas, Sr. to do the same.

    When Carl was sentenced to a lengthy prison term, James intercepted all of Carl's letters to prevent them from reaching their father in order to try and keep Carl from hurting their family any further. James even began traveling the country with their father in order to further distance them from Carl. Losing touch with each other, both Carl and his father eventually came to believe that the other was dead.


    James Lucas, Jr. was created by Marcus McLaurin and Dwayne Turner in 1992 and first appeared in Cage #3. He first appeared as Coldfire at the end of Cage #13.

    Major Story Arcs

    Luke Cage

    While living in Phoenix, Arizona, James caught wind of his brother Carl - now known as the superhero Luke Cage - having fought Power Man Steele in Colorado. Deciding his brother was getting too close to their father, James told his father it was time for another vacation. James vowed to himself that he would find a way to kill his brother before he would let him hurt their father again.


    When private investigator Dakota North attempted to locate Cage's brother and father for him, she managed to find James and wanted to question him. James tried to fight her however and she was forced to subdue him. As she was about to question him more forcibly, the mercenary Hardcore drove up in a car and forced Dakota at gunpoint to hand James over to him.

    Both James and his father wound up as Hardcore's prisoners for the sake of Cruz Bushmaster's plot against Luke Cage.

    The Corporation

    James and his father later wound up in the custody of the Corporation in their Mississippi Headquarters. They were treated as guests more than prisoners though, and Dr. Karl Malus graciously gave them a tour of the facility, showing how their organization granted normal people superhuman powers in order to combat the growing presence of superhumans in the world. James was very interested in this, as he saw it as a way to be able to deal with his brother.


    Using technology salvaged from behind the Iron Curtain, Dr. Malus mutagenically altered James, allowing him to transfer his mind into an incendiary protoplasm, making him into the Corporation's latest superhuman operative: Coldfire. Soon after, James was training with the other agents of the Corporation and even overpowering them. However, despite James' apparent enthusiasm, Dr. Malus had his father taken hostage in order to fully ensure his future compliance.

    Luke Cage and Dakota North meanwhile had been enlisted by the Tinkerer to rescue his son, the Agent, from the Corporation, having coerced them by revealing that Luke's brother and father were also there. As soon as James heard about Cage breaking into the Corporation, he assumed he'd come to hurt their father, and so he took on his Coldfire form and attacked his brother. While they fought, however, Dakota closed in on Dr. Malus, who threatened to kill James, Sr. Thinking quickly, Dakota had the Tinkerer patch an image of this through to the Lucas brothers, and they joined forces to save their father. They easily freed James, Sr., but Dr. Malus then threatened to destroy James, Jr.'s helpless body in order to make him surrender. He refused however and helped Cage and the others to escape, but James' Coldfire form began to dwindle as his hatred for Cage had dampened. He refocused his hatred on Dr. Malus though and after everyone else had made it to safety, Coldfire returned and destroyed the Corporation building, and apparently everyone inside it - including what remained of his own body.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dividing himself in his Coldfire form.
    Dividing himself in his Coldfire form.

    James Lucas, Jr.'s body was mutagenically altered in order to fight his invulnerable brother Luke Cage. He was made able to leave his own body and inhabit a form of an incendiary protoplasm that he could manipulate as he saw fit, projecting it as waves, firing it as blasts, and even forming multiple bodies for himself. He's able to increase the temperature of any part of his protoplasmic body up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making him capable of melting most materials, including various metals and stone.

    Since he is forced to leave his body behind when animating his Coldfire form, James' body is left defenseless. The process to transfer his mind requires him to focus his consciousness through a basic emotion - predominantly hate.


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