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    Coldcast is a metahuman originally recruited to the Elite by Manchester Black. The Elite were black and white as far as crime was concerned and brought criminals to justice any way they could. He later joined the Justice League Elite, a team that proactively fought crime.

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    Coldcast was a member of both Manchester and Vera Black's Elite Justice League. Coldcast's brother, Christopher, tried to help out on missions with the JLE. Unfortunatly, Christopher was killed by Aftermath. On Vera's EJL, he had a sexual realtionship with Menagerie (Sonja). In return, Menagerie used one of her alien critters to make Coldcast kill someone. After a fight with the Justice Society of America, Coldcast is taken into custody. When Vera Black has a clear mind again, she finds Menagerie, who caused all the trouble. With Menagerie caught, Coldcast's murder charges were cleared.

    Major Story Arcs

    JLA: Elitism

    In an continued attempt to be a better man, Coldcast joins Vera Black on her team of Elite to help save the world from a vengeful Gaia. During a fake battle with the JLA, It appears that Coldcast kills Manitou Raven, though this was later revealed to be faked and part of the plan. Coldcast was then later part of the team that battled the armies of the world as an act to get Gaia to give humanity a second chance.


    Coldcast has the ability of electromagnetism. This great power allows him to manipulate particles on the subatomic level.This permits him to generate powerful EMP'S and other blasts spanning the EM spectrum, this ability even allows him to slowing down Superman's electrons. Coldcast also can fly and detect changes in Earth's electromagnetic field which he can use to monitor movements at a great distance.

    In Other Media

    Coldcast will appear in the animated film Superman vs. The Elite. Coldcast is voiced by Catero Colbert


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