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Other Media


James Dale Badge as Eric Savin
James Dale Badge as Eric Savin
  • Eric Savin appears in Iron Man 3, portrayed by James Dale Badge. In the movie, he is depicted as Aldrich Killian's personal enforcer, as well as an ex-soldier empowered by Maya Hansen's Extremis drug. He poses as James Rhodes in order to kidnap the president of the United States, but is killed after having a hole blown through his chest during a brutal fight against Iron Man. He is never once referred to as "Coldblood" in the film, and is exclusively called by his real name.

Video Games

Savin in Avengers Alliance
Savin in Avengers Alliance
  • Eric Savin is featured as a villain in the Facebook game Avengers Alliance. Like his movie counterpart, he is an ex-soldier empowered by Extremis, rather than a cyborg. He works as a proxy of the Mandarin and steals the Iron Patriot armor before being defeated.

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