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    Eric Savin oversaw the Ultra-Tech project for the U.S. Army. He discovered the project lead was a traitor and Eric was killed when he confronted the traitor. He was reborn as the cyborg Coldblood-7.

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    Story Arcs


    U.S. Army Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Savin, was the security director for an army research project codnamed Project: Ultra-Tech. Surgeon Gina Dyson had approached him and explained that the project head Mako had been using the project towards his own sinister ends. When Savin investigated, Mako promptly had him transfered to a new facility, where he became lovers with Gina. Shortly afterwar, Mako had him killed with a carefully placed mine. Gina rebuilt him according to Mako's specifications and he was reborn as the cyborg Coldblood-7

    Rise and Shine

    Coldblood-7 awoke with no memories in a car in the ruined city of New York. After his internal computer informed him of his designation and nature as a cyborg super-soldier, he was quickly attacked by a series of robotic testing dummies, while mysterious figures watched. Whenever Coldblood attempted to leave the city, he and his car were paralyzed by some unknown force.

    A mysterious radio signal soon led him a laboratory, where Gina Dyson told him that she had rebuilt him as a cyborg. She removed his restrictions on leaving the city and entrusted him with a file which she claimed contained his human memories. She asked him not to judge her too harshly, and told him to flee, but not before accidentally calling him "Eric."

    Coldblood escaped the false New York, which he found to be an isolated facility in the Nevada desert. He escaped his pursuers and travelled to Las Vegas, where he planned to download his memories. Once there, however, he found himself once again attacked by enemy robots, who chased him through a casino, doing massive property damage and bringing him into conflict with the Vegas police.

    Once he eluded the police, Coldblood was able to learn his true identity from Gina's files. Mako was able to track him to a motel room and sent an android to give him a message: either surrender to Mako and be reprogramed, or allow Gina Dyson to be killed.

    Coldblood destroyed Mako's android, and set out to rescue Gina. After arriving at Mako's false New York, he reunited with Gina, who'd escaped on her own, and the two destroyed Mako's power grid, rendering his robots useless.

    After Gina used the faculties traps to incapacitate most of Mako's security personel, Coldblood finally confronted Mako himself. Mako armed himself with a combat walker, equipped with powerful weapons, and it seemed hopeless for Coldblood. Mako managed to nearly cripple Coldblood, but Gina managed to hit Mako's vehicle with a powerful assault weapon, allowing Coldblood to get back up. Coldblood used his remote control to drive his car directly into Mako, destroying his vehicle and nearly killing him. Mako, barely alive, pulled a gun on Gina, but was shot by one of his former employees, a friend of Gina named Charles. Coldblood took the opportunity to finally kill Mako.

    Coldblood and Gina, free from Mako and his men, drove away into the sunset, with Coldblood daring anyone else to come after them.

    Souls of the Cyber-Folk

    Mechadoom attempted to abduct Coldblood as part of his plot to achieve true artificial intelligence, but Coldblood eluded capture, unlike many less lucky androids and cyborgs.


    Roxxon executive Clayton Burr, as part of a plot to take down both his rival Harlan Ryker and Deathlok hired Coldblood to capture both of them. He told Coldblood that Deathlok was an ally of Ryker and both were dangerous criminals.

    Coldblood attacked Deathlok, but Deathlok used cyberspace to share his memories with Coldblood, proving that we wasn't a killer, and was himself trying to stop Ryker. Coldblood teamed up with Deathlok and the two tracked down Ryker. Wanting Ryker alive, Coldblood joined Deathlok in stopping the cyborg Siege from killing Ryker. The three were forced to work together to defuse a bomb, saving the city of Paris, but allowing Ryker to escape.

    The three finally tracked down Ryker, destroyed his dangerous Cyberwarriors, and turned Ryker over to the authorities.

    Civil War

    Coldblood sided with Captain America's anti-registration forces.

    Other Media


    James Dale Badge as Eric Savin
    James Dale Badge as Eric Savin
    • Eric Savin appears in Iron Man 3, portrayed by James Dale Badge. In the movie, he is depicted as Aldrich Killian's personal enforcer, as well as an ex-soldier empowered by Maya Hansen's Extremis drug. He poses as James Rhodes in order to kidnap the president of the United States, but is killed after having a hole blown through his chest during a brutal fight against Iron Man. He is never once referred to as "Coldblood" in the film, and is exclusively called by his real name.

    Video Games

    Savin in Avengers Alliance
    Savin in Avengers Alliance
    • Eric Savin is featured as a villain in the Facebook game Avengers Alliance. Like his movie counterpart, he is an ex-soldier empowered by Extremis, rather than a cyborg. He works as a proxy of the Mandarin and steals the Iron Patriot armor before being defeated.

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