Cold Warrior

    Character » Cold Warrior appears in 9 issues.

    Cold Warrior is a temperature altering super-villain who has faced the Agents of Atlas and War Machine.

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    Professor Sinkovitz was working on a special apparatus in the slum area of Los Angeles when he was approached by a Skrull posing as Vice President Richard Nixon. "Nixon" told Sinkovitz that they had learned of his project and the government wants his machine to be a success to defeat 3-D Man because the hero is actually a communist. Sinkovitz agreed to become the test subject of his absolute zero apparatus to become a human weapon and to test his theory that the human body can be altered and given special abilities through carefully controlled temperature changes. Sinkovitz wears a special suit to protect him from the sudden temperature drop when the machine is activated. The experiment is a success and Sinkovitz becomes the Cold Warrior.


    Cold Warrior was created by Roy Thomas and Jim Craig in 1977 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 37.

    Major Story Arcs

    3-D Man

    3-D Man is confronted by the Cold Warrior at the Santa Monica Pier and the two battle it out in front of several civilians. Cold Warrior tells 3-D Man that he was anti-communist because his parents were driven from their homeland in Russia by communist and would take great pleasure in defeating him. 3-D Man tries to convince Cold Warrior that he was American but Sinkovitz would not hear of it. 3-D Man is nearly frozen to death by the Cold Warrior's icy blasts until he is tackled off the pier. The Cold Warrior's suit produces ice that does not allow him to float and he begins to sink to the bottom. The warm water damages the suit and his powers begin to fade. Sinkovitz resurfaces but 3-D Man swims away.


    The powers of the Cold Warrior, Electro, Skull-Face and the Great Video were restored by the Yellow Claw and they become his Super-Slaves. The Yellow Claw has his henchmen kidnap the President Eisenhower and the Agents of Atlas come to his rescue. Battling the heroes, Cold Warrior encases Venus and M-11 in blocks of ice, but Gorilla Man sneaks up on Cold Warrior and throws him into Skull-Face. Both villains are taken out and the Agents save the president.

    Cold War

    The Cold Warrior resurfaced when Major Konstantin Cheratny of the late Soviet Army and a cryogenics expert named Dr. Giorgi Grotowski forced an American named Mack Mendelson to fix his cryogenic storage. The Cold Warrior was released from his capsule after thirty years of sleep and ordered to fight War Machine and Hawkeye when they come searching for Mack Mendelson. Cold Warrior nearly defeats the two Avengers when he drains the kinetic energy around him and covert it into concussive force blast and has a freezing touch. War Machine's armor is about to fail due to Cold Warrior's power but Hawkeye hits his teammate with a thermite arrow to warm him up. War Machine blasted the ground beneath Cold Warrior's feet and nearly sinks beneath the Arctic ice. War Machine informs Cold Warrior that communism is dead and the country he was fighting for does not exist anymore. The doctors attended to Cold Warrior after deactivating his weapon. The Cold Warrior died in the lab because his whole life support system was linked to the kinetic conversion unit and it did not have enough juice to keep his heart going.

    Powers & Abilities

    The absolute zero apparatus enhanced the strength and physical shape of Sinkovitz's body to attain a small degree of superhuman strength. The Cold Warrior can freeze the air molecules around him to produce ice blasts or various ice constructs like boulders or ice slides. Cold Warrior was capable of draining the kinetic energy around him and converting it into concussive blasts or possess a freezing touch. Cold Warrior wore a special suit to protect him from extreme freezing temperatures.

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