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 History : 

Cold War's origins are unknown.

Seeking to plunge Earth into an ice age that he would rule, Cold War began his plans in the Manhattan Cryogenics Center. As a wave of cold began to sweep across the local area, the Captain was called in to investigate. Cold War tried to freeze him solid, and the Captain briefly "froze up," reliving his past period of suspended animation. However, Cap overcame his fears, shattered the ice holding him in place, and knocked Cold War out with his shield. Cap then turned him over to the New York Police Department. 
Cold War was reported as having remained in prison since his initial capture. 


Cold War was created by Al Milgrom in 1988 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Present # 2. 

Powers & Abilities

Cold War can generate and project ice. The full extent of his power is unknown. While he plotted to cover the Earth with ice, he was only shown to have begun to drop the temperature of a several block area. He covers his own body with a layer of ice, which protects him from injury to some degree while still allowing him to maintain his mobility.

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