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Opening with the design for the t-shirt logo,...The Chameleon Commandos are greeted like heroes by the masses,...which enrages The Overlord ( Who craves the spotlight. and always wears a different mask....Rivit lifts a barbell and falls through the floor...A singing/ self-destructing telegram comes to the door....saying meet Dr. Poindexter at midnight at Bandini Mountain ( A fertizer heap near Los Angeles ) recieve a secret micro-chip!

They hit Hollywood in disguise ( Groucho Marx glasses )...and waste a street gang...The Overlord deploys the genetically cloned Moles, to dig through the fertilizer, and grab the micro-chip.

Radion morphs into a hang glider,...they glide over the fence, and into the fertilizer...then see Dr. P. calling out to them just before he's shot and falls into the manure pile...then the Moles emerge...There's the assassins! ( Says CBCC )...Let's get the micro-chip ( Says The Moles )...A battle on Bandini Mountain ensues....The CBCC eventually wins...just in time for The Men in Dark Suits to pick up the microchip and leave...

The Chameleon Commandos find Poindexter's body...who was NOT Poindexter...and a Poindexter mask...they want some answers....meanwhile,..The men in Dark Suits give the microchip of the new top secret video game to The President...who begins to plat it.







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