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    Codpiece is a Doom Patrol villain with a giant transforming weapon attached to his groin.

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    Codpiece began as an insecure high school student, whom, when asking an attractive, popular girl out on a date, was denied. Her reasoning was due to his height, claiming he wasn't big enough, but Codpiece believed this to be an insult to his genitals. This insecurity followed him throughout his adult life, resurfacing each and every time he was denied or declined by a girl in any sort of romantic sense. He attempted to find a doctor to do some surgery, but ran away from that after misinterpreting the Doctor's concerns and advice as insults. Codpiece finally 'snapped' when he hired a prostitute and she suggested he 'wear something' to pad the area up. The result was Codpiece creating a power-suit and beginning a criminal spree under his new name -- Codpiece!


    Codpiece was created by Rachel Pollack and first appeared in Doom Patrol #70 - The Laughing Game.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Laughing Game

    Codpiece begins his villainous rampage by breaking into a high-profile bank, using his power-suit and it's various tools. When attacked by the police he responds with a variety of weapons such as a boxing-glove, an ultra-sound emitter, and a rocker launcher, all stemming from his massive groin-cannon. Succumbing to pride, Codpiece doesn't flee the scene and instead begins to terrorize the city. This catches the attention of George and Marion -- new members of the Doom Patrol. Their intervention fails to stop Codpiece and instead causes him to become even more destructive and aggressive. Codpiece is finally stopped when Coagula arrives and uses her melting-touch to destroy his groin-cannon, thus saving the day.

    Powers & Abilities

    Codpiece has no actual super-powers but is a skilled engineer as he was able to design his multi-functioning power suit & groin cannon.

    Equipment & Weapons

    Codpiece utilizes a power-suit with a massive groin-cannon. The suit itself was bullet proof and the groin cannon had the following tools/weapons:

    • Blaster Cannon - An explosive cannon blast capable of breaking through concrete walls.
    • Boxing Glove - A cartoon-style gag weapon.
    • Rocket Launcher - A powerful rocket launcher that could launch multiple rockets at a time all with highly destructive capabilities.
    • Scissors - A giant pair of scissors that could cut through bandages. They were not tested on other materials.
    • Claws - A giant set of claws that could grab/throw things.
    • Drill - A precision drill that was used to break into the bank vault.
    • Sonic Emitter - An ultra-sonic emitter that released highly concentrated sound waves.


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