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  The Green Event gave super powers to all of Zane's family except for him. Zane watched as his family used their new found powers to amass wealth and power in the underworld. It wasn't until Zane's mother was killed by other members of his family that Zane decided to stop the self named “Family Fear”. Using the family fortune, he developed several suits of armor for himself. Zane then hired The Black Sun to teach him numerous martial arts techniques. After The Black Sun's death, Zane took the name Black in honor of him. Black's outer layer of armor augments his natural strength while the helmet gives him protection from telepathic attacks. He also has a second layer of armor that can electrocute anyone touching him. The pouches on his belt carry smoke bombs, electro magnetic disruptors, poison darts, antidotes, and various other useful items. Black also has samurai swords he carries. Black is considered to be one of the most deadly humans alive.

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