Code Red

    Team » Code Red appears in 18 issues.

    A team of mercenaries organized by the Red Hulk. They were hired to hunt down Domino & were therefore drawn into conflict with the X-Force.

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    Domino had been watching Doc Samson, who had previously gone into hiding after Norman Osborn framed him for a failed assassination attempt on the President's life. Samson was speaking to an unidentified man with a green hat and blond hair, but from her rooftop viewpoint Domino failed to see more details. The two briefly fought. When Samson left, the mysterious man walked into an alley and turned into the Red Hulk. Looking up from the alley, Red Hulk saw Domino and attacked her. Despite Domino's reassurances that she hadn't seen well enough to identify him, the Red Hulk didn't believe her. Therefore she fled across the rooftops. With Red Hulk in hot pursuit, Domino's lucky probability powers caused him to smash through the top of a building and which was promptly flooded by the water tower he had knocked over moments before.

    Later, Red Hulk consulted Samson and General Thunderbolt Ross. Concerned about keeping the Red Hulk's secret identity a secret, Ross ordered him to organize a team of mercenaries. Their mission was be to locate Domino within the next 24-hours. Therefore the Red Hulk sought to compile a team of hand-selected heroes, villains and anti-heroes to help him hunt down & execute Domino, without revealed the reason why he wanted her dead.

    Code Red

    The first member he recruited was Deadpool. Red Hulk found him in Carnegie Hall fighting a bunch of LMDs (Life Model Decoys) that had been dressed up like Deadpool. The Red Hulk didn't seem confused by the LMDs, instantly recognizing Deadpool and aiding him to destroy the LMDs. However the Deadpool proceeded to fight him in return. 'Merc with a Mouth' only ceased fighting and agreed to sign up to Red Hulk's team when he was offered a million dollars. Although Deadpool was the first recruit, the Red Hulk was disgusted and suspicious of Deadpool for being able to be bought so easily.

    Next was the Punisher. The Red Hulk watched him kill several mobsters, but the Punisher had already spotted him. At first Punisher refused the invitation, slicing up the Hulk's chest and face. Red Hulk thought about how the Punisher reminded him of himself; he didn't like or trust the Punisher and thought a non-powered man a team was a weakness. The Punisher only agreed to join when the Red Hulk offered him a list of all the felons in the witness protection agency.

    Other recruited members included Crimson Dynamo (who had been offered amnesty after helping the World's Most Wanted 'Criminal' Tony Stark back in to the US), Thundra (who the Red Hulk suspected might know his reason for collecting them all together), and Elektra (whose reason for joining the team was unclear, but the Red Hulk considered her as "the only one of them worth a damn"). The team was dubbed Code Red, and was ordered only to capture & not kill Domino. The Red Hulk wanted to make sure that he was the one to kill Domino.


    Code Red found Domino waiting for them in a violent bar in Hell's Kitchen. However, it transpired that the rest of the customers in the bar were the other members of X-Force. Instantly Wolverine challenged Red Hulk and the two teams paired off into various battles.


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