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    Team » Code: Blue appears in 92 issues.

    Code Blue is a special unit of the NYPD designed to deal with super-powered threats.

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    Code: B.L.U.E is a police special forces unit of heavily trained combat specialists who specialize in arresting super villains. They appeared almost exclusively in the pages of Thor while Thor was just Eric Masterson without the spirit of Thor within him and then followed Eric into being supporting cast members in " Thunderstrike". Code: B.L.U.E even earned a miniseries of sorts in the form of a 4-issue stretch of giant sized issues of Thunderstrike printed as flip books wherein from one direction it had a full length issue of Thunderstrike and from the other it had a full length issue of Code: B.L.U.E.

    Members of Code Blue include:

    Lt. Marcus Stone - Commanding Officer

    "Mad Dog" Rassitano - Heavy Weapon Specialist

    Andrew "Jock" Jackson - Combat specialist

    Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz - Army member

    Samuel "Mother" Majowski - Logistic Support

    Daniel "Fireworks" Fielstein - Demolitions


    L.t Stone created Code Blue to stop the criminal group Wrecking Crew in their first mission as commanding officer. Jock Jackson distracted Wrecker and started the mission. After that Fireworks saved the hostage block by fire. An also important mission is to fend off the rock trolls and their leader Ulik. They have many with them but Code:Blue are helped by Thor and for this situation have got a many dangerous mission. When Wrecker and his groups turn back they are attacked by Code:Blue and Wrecker is arrested by Jean Julius Rassitano and Rigger Ruiz. "Mad Dog" has a long-standing crush on "Rigger".

    On one mission alongside Thunderstrike, Andrew "Jock" Jackson is killed in the line of duty by Pandara when he took an energy blast meant for Thunderstrike.


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