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Code Blue made his first appearance along with the other members of The Actioneers in Astounding Wolf-Man #2.

Code Blue and the rest of The Actioneers were fighting the slime villain Spore. With the combined might of The Actioneers and Wolf-Man, Spore was defeated and sent to jail.

Later, The Actioneers discovered that their leader, Sergeant Superior, had been murdered by Wolf-Man, and wanted revenge. After The Actioneers defeated Vault, they planned on when they are going to attack Wolf-Man.

Following a battle where Mecha-Maid and Wolf-Man defeated Impact, The Actioneers attacked. However, Sergeant Superior appeared and Wolf-Man escaped. Code Blue along with the rest of The Actioneers were then turned into vampires by Sergeant Superior, and now serve Zechariah.

Shortly after The Invincible War, under Zechariah's command, Code Blue and The Actioneers attack the prison where Gary is held. The Guards eventually overpower The Actioneers and Cecil Stedman takes them and a pinned to the ground Zechariah to a secure location.

After Zechariah is killed by Gary, Code Blue and The Actioneers turn back to normal.


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