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    Proper Japanese Title: ココハナ

    Cocohana is the youngest ongoing Shueisha manga magazine aimed at the female market, with its contemporaries having all started publication in earlier decades: 50's (Ribon), 60's (Margaret, Bessatsu Margaret), 80's (You, The Margaret, Office You) and 2000 (Cookie). Even when taking into account the magazine it replaced (Chorus), it is still significantly younger as that was started in 1994 (Cookie's preceding magazine, Bouquet started in the 70's).

    Though it was effectively a rebranding of Chorus, almost all of the material published in it was new to this magazine, or if coming over from Chorus, the chapter numbering was usually reset or the series renamed and effectively made into a sequel. Without an extensive history, the magazine hasn't established a primary series, with a healthy equal promotion of various titles.

    Most serials do not last too long, though creators often come back after the end of the series to work on another one.

    Aimed at the josei (adult female) demographic, along with You, it is the most consistently released josei magazine. It has been published at a monthly rate since its inception (whereas the other two current josei magazines are bimonthly).

    Though Chorus collections were put under the Queen's Comics banner, Cocohana is released under the Margaret Comics imprint with the name Cocohana appearing underneath the traditional logo (similarly to how Cookie is released under Ribon Mascot Comics).

    Below is a list of serializations that have run in this magazine:


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