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    Enemy to Luke Cage

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    After his early experiences as a young boy in Harlem afraid of everything that went bump in the night, Dontrell soon learned to grow comfortable with his surroundings and even developed a sort of fondness for the cockroaches that shared his home. As he got older, he began to live a life of crime, becoming a hitman and enforcer for a man named Piranha Jones.

    Cockroach Hamilton Meets Luke Cage


    Hamilton, a skilled marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, built "Josh" a six-barreled shotgun, capable of harming superhuman opponents and can even be modified to fire gas. With this weapon he was able to hold his own against his opponents, one of these opponents being Luke Cage.

    Cockroach and his employer Piranha Jones had their eye on a shipment of a lethal bacteriological agent that was to be shipped through New York City. In order to get the details of the shipment Cockroach and Piranha bought information from a man named Harry Wentworth. Harry was employed by the Adonis Chemical Company; the same company that employed Luke Cage. Cage was hired by the company to find out who Wentworth was selling the information to and showed up to find Hamilton Killing Wentworth. Hamilton did kill Wentworth, then shot Cage in the shoulder dislocating it.

    Eventually Jones and Hamilton sent minions to hijack the shipment, but Cage was present at the scene with police chief Quentin Chase. Battles ensued and during one of the fights, a canister of the bacteriological agent cracked. Cage pounded the canister until it exploded leaving him unconscious.


    Cockroach Hamilton was created by Don McGregor and George Tuska in 1975 and first appeared in Power Man # 28.

    Story Arcs

    Erik Killmonger would hire Boss Morgan to eliminate the Black Panther in the United States. Morgan gathers a group of criminals that include Cockroach Hamilton, Nightshade, Stiletto and Cottonmouth for this assignment. However the Black Panther is backed up by some of his friends, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Falcon and Bill Foster. Hamilton and his fellow assassins fail to kill Black Panther and are defeated.


    He appears in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes assisting Crossfire in the kidnapping of Cassie Lang, forcing her father to steal to pay back his former partner. A fight later erupts between the villains and the Heroes for Hire. Hamilton's shotgun stops Cage for a brief moment but he is defeated with the rest.

    Hamilton appears in season 2 of the Marvel Netflix series "Luke Cage", portrayed by Dorian Missick.


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