Is there a chance of a real life COBRA being created

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Do any of you think there is a chance of someone creating a real life COBRA organization?

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If you stop and think about it, the answer is- as impossible as it may seem to some- yes. Not so much a massive organization with weapons based out of science fiction, but aside from that single aspect, it is possible for some organization similar to COBRA to arise in the real world.

Think about it for a moment. Consider the state of our world today, and then consider what drove COBRA Commander to become who he is, and to found COBRA. A man who lost everything, who saw the corruption of the governments of the world, the failings of the systerm, and desired to see a change come about. A man with the ambition and the intellect to accomplish his goals, who had the natural talent and charisma to sway people to his way of thinking, to build upon the discontent and the hatred they felt towards those in power who were abusing their power, forgetting those who had brought them to that position in the first place.

Consider how the economy is failing, and how in the world of G.I. JOE, the economy of the town of Springfield had done the same. That is, until COBRA Commander arrived, and used his powers of persuasion to garner the citizenry to his cause, and the money he had amassed from years of pyramid schemes and scams to rebuild Springfield to become a thriving community once more. Today, many people in the world are just like the citizens of Springfield. Their governments and leaders have failed them and continue to do so, and they are angry. They are filled with hatred and malice, but lack the leadership and the means to act upon that hatred. If given the opportunity, and steered in the right direction by someone with the proper ambitions and obvious charisma, they could be rallied together to form something similar to COBRA. Not to mention how, in one episode of G.I. JOE (Episode 31, "Money To Burn"), the Commander took it upon himself to eradicate the U.S.A.'s ability to print currency by vaporizing paper money, and offering the struggling American people a chance to rebuild their rapidly failing economy with gold that his front company would supply in exchange for their valuables. Think about that and consider how the devalued US dollar plays a role in the current economic crisis gripping the states. Though it was concieved as a plot for a children's show in the old days, COBRA Commander's plan does hold some value to it in that aspect.

Then take into consideration COBRA Commander's goals. Though in the beginning, he primarily saw all of his own problems as the fault of "the system", but as time went on, he became more knowledgeable, and he discovered the flaws in the government(s) and how it allowed the prosperous to compound upon their prosperity at the expense of the governed, regardless of who was in charge. He desires to do away with governments of any kind and to topple big business. And with his intelligence and twisted way of thinking, he could very well succeed if not for the JOEs. He wants to create a new world order where those who were once weak are now strong, and equality is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Someone who can sway people with their words, someone with enough intellect to put movement to their ideas, and someone with enough drive and passion to act upon their desires without fear of what might come about as a consequence, could very well become the spark that could create the COBRA of our world.

And I for one, welcome our new snake-themed overlords (lol :P). COBRA!!!

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Oh, and here's a clip from that episode, while I'm thinking about it:

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Kinda makes you stop and think for a second, doesn't it? :P

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Cobra Commander didn't like the system and he blamed the "sysmet" for his problems. I don't think he ever cared about the rich getting richer. He didn't care about poor people. He only cared about gaining more power. The rich people were a convenient target for Cobra Commander to inspire the poor people to work for him and become terrorists for him. Other than that I agree with the previous post.

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