"G.I. Joe" Cobra Civil War

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    Cobra Commander is dead. Who will replace him?

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    Cobra Commander has been killed by Chuckles and the Cobra Council is looking for a new leader. The council creates a contest among Cobra's highest ranked officials that include Serpentor, Baroness, Destro, Zartan, Major Bludd, Tomax, Vargas, Khallikhan, and Krake in which the one who kills the most G.I. Joes will become the new Cobra Commander. With the contest, Cobra catches G.I. Joe on their heels, slaughtering many members and destroying the G.I. Joe Headquarters The P.I.T. As to be expected in such a contest, there is also much deceit, coercion and backstabbing among the Cobra officials. With the Joes on the run and in disarray, Krake accumulates the most kills and becomes the new Cobra Commander.

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