Cobb Branden

    Character » Cobb Branden appears in 16 issues.

    An alien whose planet was destroyed by the Kroog. Cobb disguises himself in human form. He is the grandfather of Kathy Branden and neighbor of the Kent family.

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    Branden Cobb was created by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.


    Son of Superman

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    Jon and Kathy (Cobb’s granddaughter) are having a conversation in a large tree, but the branch breaks in half. Kathy manages to get a grip on the tree, but Jon falls off the branch, leaving him wounded and unable to move. Cobb carries him to Clark’s house and receives a lukewarm reception from Clark. Cobb insists that if they need any help, he’s there for them. Clark is reluctant to trust anyone barring Lois and Jon, because they’re trying to keep Jon’s powers a secret.

    Black Dawn

    Cobb seems to be the main antagonist in this story, but it is in fact Manchester Black who is pulling the strings. There was a time where Cobb and Kathy’s home planet was attacked by the Kroog (alien species). It was Manchester Black who saved them. Nothing is for free, as it turns out, Black is asking him for a favor. Therefore, Cobb and Kathy are obedient to him.

    Lois and Clark are infuriated that all this time they saw Cobb as part of their family, whereas Cobb was plotting against them. Clark says he knew something was wrong with Cobb since the beginning, alluding to their confrontation during Son of Superman.

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    Black hurts Kathy and Jon and this is where Cobb disobeys him, using his powers against him. Black blames him of being a “Judas” and kills him right in front of Kathy.


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