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    The Coalition of Planets is an alliance between several alien races in the Invincible universe. The Coalition was formed to find a way to stop the Viltrumites.

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    Origin Galaxy: Virgo super cluster
    Star System: Unrevealed
    Capital Planet: Talescria
    Habitat: Temperate, 74% covered by water
    Gravity: 1.2 of Earth's
    Atmosphere: 76% nitogen, 23% oxygen
    Population: 8.2 billion
    Type of government: Galaxy spanning democtacy of federal states with more than 1,750 member planets and thousands of colonies.
    Level of technology: Highly advanced, capable of traversing through space using both wormhole and faster than light space travel.
    Cultural traits: Advocate the rule of law, equality among individuals and protection of civil and creative liberties.
    Known member worlds: Talescria, Unopa, Geldaria
    Name of representatives: Thaedus, member of the High Council, Allen the Alien, Telia

    The coalition stresses the values of universal liberty, equality, peace and cooperation. Its federal government structure is similar to that of the U.S, with executive, legislative and juicial branches. Its ruling body, The High Council, is based on Talescria. The Coalition's primary goal is finding a solution to halting the advance of the Viltrum Empire.


    The Coalition of Planets is an intergalactic assemblage of various alien cultures united in common struggle against the Viltrum Empire. Based on the planet Talescria, the coalition's High Council is composed of elected representatives from its member planets. Led by a wise elder, Great Thaedus, the Coalition's time is spent ruling their domain and devising strategies to defeat the Viltrumites and foil their goal of galactic conquest.
    Hihg Council members, often survivors of Viltrumite aggression, are obligated to contribute their observations of the enemy's methods and weaknesses. From these testimonials the Coalition's tactics are formed. One such contribution led to the creation of the hero Allen the Alien.
    On a visit to Earth, which he had mistaken for the planet Urath, Allen learned of Invincible's true identity as the son of a Viltrumite. Moreover, it was learned that Nolan, Invincible's father, had abandoned his post an act unheard of among the Viltrumites. Armed with this astounding piece of intelligence, Allen hastily returned to Talescria to report his findings to the High Council. Soon after his report, Allen was abruptly attacked by a trio of Viltrumites seeking information on Nolan's desertion. Allen was mangled in the subsequent melee, though Coalition doctors managed to save him.
    While the attack on Allen was horrendous, the truth it revealed was equally ghastly a mole existed among the High Council. With the revelation of a traitor in the Council's midst, Thaedus told Allen his reports were to be made secretly and false information given to the representatives.
    The account of Nolan's abandonment has given great hope to the Coalition of Planets, but the disclosure of a turncoat among the High Council has placed the future of the alliance in grave jeopardy. Never in its history has the Coalition been so close to victory or defeat.  
    Nolan Grayson soon arrived on Talescria along with Allen the Alien after escaping viltrumite execution and imprisonment. Thaedus greets him and reveals his identity as a viltrumite to Nolan, telling him he never stood with Viltrumite manners and defected long ago. He offers Nolan residency on the planet and commissions him and Allen to search for weapons and species which are lethal to viltrumites.  

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