Character » Coalheart appears in 4 issues.

    Nasty little bastard of a dwarf who was rescued thrice by Snow White and Rose Red in their childhood. He is the father of the seven dwarfs who had their way with Snow.

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    This wicked little dwarf named Coalheart was the father of the seven dwarves. But before that, he was also a greedy and cruel dwarf who possessed strong magic. Some time before meeting Rose Red and Snow White, he placed a curse on Prince Brandish and stole his treasures, hiding them in a sack. During the winter, Prince Brandish was now a bear and wondered through the forest for help. There he befriended the two innocent sisters and there mother, but when spring came he knew he had to leave. Vowing to find Coalheart, he left but promised to return to the girls. While they awaited, Snow and Rose would spot the greedy little dwarf. Each time he was in danger, such as almost getting drowned by a fish (for it caught his beard) and each time Snow had to cut his beard to save his life. But Coalheart was never thankful, he always cursed the children and called them names. One of his rescues involved a eagle, he had warned Snow that she'd regret protecting the greedy dwarf who had seven sons. Though the children were very unsure what the bird meant by its message.

    Eventually Brandish caught up with Coalheart and killed him, with him dead, the curse was lifted. Prince Brandish was now human and promised to marry Snow and had a brother for Rose Red to marry. However, neither parents would consent to the marriage. Through her own dealings, their mother faked Snow's death and sent her away in secret to live with her newly widowed aunt (the Evil Queen). It was during those events at her aunt's, was there that eventually lead Snow White to her own personal downfall. While Coalheart was dead, his sons would unintentionally get their revenge on Snow White.

    While she had escaped the Huntsmen, she unknowningly walked into one of their cottages which was used to hide women for their own perverted purposes.


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