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    One of the first and few transgender female characters in comics. Has unique abilities that enable her to dissolve any solid and coagulate liquids by touching them.

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    Kate Goodwin, formerly Clark Goodwin, was working as a prostitute when she met Rebis of the Doom Patrol. They engaged in sexual activities and as an after-effect Kate obtained super-powers, this is likely due to the radiation given off by the Negative Energy that makes up 1/3rd of Rebis. With her newfound powers she tried out for the Justice League but was rejected. Fortunately she was given a second chance at the life of a superhero when Marion & George witnessed her triumphant victory over Codpiece.


    Coagula was created by Rachel Pollack and Scot Eaton and made her first appearance in Doom Patrol #70 - The Laughing Game.

    Her name comes from the Latin alchemic term "Solve et Coagula", which means "dissolve and coagulate".

    Major Story Arcs

    The Laughing Game

    While enjoying time out with a group of friends Kate witnesses the rampage of an insecure villain by the name of Codpiece. She approaches him while he's fighting Marion & George of the Doom Patrol and distracts him through the art of flirtation, complimenting his strength and power. With Codpiece distracted she uses her powers to melt his groin-cannon, thus defeating him. Her display of bravery caught the eye's of Marion & George who bring her back to the Doom Patrol HQ to become one of their members.

    The Fox and The Crow

    Coagula is brought back to the Doom Patrol HQ and meets The Chief for the first time. During their conversation the Chief activates some defensive measures to see how Coagula reacts, testing her skills in battle through an improvisational training session -- she passes. Now, as a member of the Doom Patrol, Coagula goes about meeting the members of the team, starting with Robotman.

    The Dream Patrol: Return of the Windowmen

    Coagula approaches the Chief in an attempt to start a conversation and get to know him better, however, due to his general attitude the conversation ends poorly.

    Bootleg Steele

    Robotman approaches Coagula in the midst of her playing a video game, of which she reveals to be based on the life and adventures of Robotman. Realizing that he never gave up the rights for anyone to profit off of his experiences, the two of them venture out to see who's publishing the game. They quickly discover that someone had stolen CD's with Robotman's memories on them and that they were using them to make knock-off versions of Robotman for people to buy. Due to the factory having access to Robotman's memories it believed that it was Robotman, thus Coagula and Robotman worked together to destroy the factory. When the owner threatens to sue he is countered by the Chief who informs him that he was using stolen property, after all, the CD's were taken from computers that the Chief had owned.

    The Teiresias Wars

    Never given any time to rest -- the Doom Patrol is thrust into the middle of a war between the Teiresias and a group known as the Builders. During this time Robotman learns of Coagula's transition from male to female; a discover that initially results in anger from Robotman. The conflict is tossed aside when Robotman is blown to bits and needs to be rebuilt, with Coagula making sure that the Chief doesn't toss in any counter-measures or special protocols like he's done in the past.

    When Robotman is rebuilt the two of them continue getting to know one another and Coagula proves instrumental in helping Robotman recover from his past relationship(s) with Crazy Jane. Eventually the two of them come face to face with the Teiresias and convince it to leave Earth alone, using themselves as examples of change and transition, of which the Tiersias believed impossible for the people of Earth.

    The Dogs of Soul

    Coagula and Robotman continue to bond. Coagula uses her secondary power to see visions of the future through technology in order to aid the Doom Patrol.

    Remembrance of Lives Past

    The Doom Patrol is visited by the False Memory in disguise who uses it's abilities to implant fake memories into several different members. Coagula calls the false memory out with help from Dorothy Spinner and sends it back to where it came.

    Imagine Ari's Friends

    Coagula and the rest of the Doom Patrol work together to save the world from a cult-like group known as 'The Healers' who believe that the only way to help the world is to destroy it.


    In a flashback it's shown that Coagula was killed when trying to bring Dorothy Spinner to her biological mother. The thought of meeting her real mom, whom had abandoned her, proved too traumatic for poor Dorothy -- the result was her emitting a massive blast that wiped Robotman off the face of the Earth and killed Kate.

    Powers and Abilities

    Liquid Coagulation - Coagula can cause liquids to coagulate, or clot. It turns liquids into a gel-like state, similar to the clotting of blood.

    Solid Dissolving - Coagula can use her powers on solids to cause them to dissolve. She used this power against Codpiece to melt his groin-cannon, thus impressing the Doom Patrol and allowing her entry.

    Future Sight - A more obscure and less utilized ability, Coagula can use technology (such as computers) and gain visions of the future. She doesn't have much control over this ability and it isn't used often.


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