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Holly Hamden is a blind woman who acts as the overseer of the Gang of Harleys and assistant to Harley herself. Though blind, she sees things others do not and is skilled in combat in addition to taking advantage of people's unwillingness to attack a blind woman.


Holly was in a destructive car crash when she was young. The accident took her sight her legs and worst her parents. After the accident Holly was left her parents vast fortune as well as a mansion in Woodstock New York. She trained herself to live with out her sight and legs then she began using it for good of mankind.

Major Story Arcs

Gang of Harleys

For more information see: Harley Quinn And Her Gang of Harleys

When Harley Quinn is kidnapped, Coach goes to work trying to track down whose responsable. She soon learns it is Harley Sinn and goes with Big Tony to speak to Sinn's father and convince him to tell them where she is. Coach then sends the gang and waits.

When Harley is rescued she brings Coach along to see Hanuquinnin the hospital, and although Coach cant see, she can tell the Gang is up to no good before they enter the room.


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