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Clyde Diddit was Archie Comics answer to Alfred E. Newman introduced in Archie’s Madhouse (later Archie’s Mad House to emphasize whom just whom they were copying)

He mostly stared in one or two page gag strips with titles like “the invention of Talking” and one page joke pages in which he plays the naive fool “You‘ve got a great beach here,” says Clyde to two Bedouins “this is not the beach, you’re in the Sahara Desert!” “That’s good I never learned to swim.”

In other words the humor for Clyde never progresses beyond the “little moron” jokes that most people outgrow by the age of 10.

Those and Non-Sequiturs made up the humor of Clyde Diddit.

He eventually was replaced in Mad House by Captain Sprocket.

And yet while Clyde Diddit did not make it big, it seems at least one or more of the writers at Archie Comics were enamored at least with the name.

Eventually a two more similarly named characters would show up in the Riverdale Universe, the first was a Clyde Diddit, (looking nothing like the Mad House Clyde) in the pages of Josie, and at almost the same time a Clyde Didit (one d) along with his brothers appeared in Mad House Glads as a rock band.   




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