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    Mechanic and tech support of the Green Hornet

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    Relative of the original Kato and cousin to his daughter Mulan, Clutch is a mechanic and tinkerer who helps Kato and Mulan when they need to find the the killer of the original Green Hornet, Britt Reid. Clutch is pleased when Britt's son, Britt Jr, decides to take up his fathers mantle.

    Clutch has a love for the new Black Beauty he helped create and also makes weaponry, costumes and other gadgets for the Green Hornet and Kato in their secret lair.

    Major Story Arcs


    After Britt and Mulan killed The Black Hornet and his father, Kato knew that he needed to go to Japan and talk to the Juuma Clan personally, and Clutch went with. While there Clutch used an invention of his that makes people vomit uncontrollably to empty a room of ninjas. He also created and released into the Juuma headquarters a swarm of mechanical hornets that Hayashi Kato had convinced the Juumas were full of poison to keep them in fear of ever returning to Century City. When Kato learned that Mulan was injured Clutch returned to Century city with his uncle.

    In more recent issues Clutch serves as tech man and chauffeur to Jeffery. (Also now known as Scowl)


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