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    A female version of Fantomex cloned from one of his brains. She embodies the "nicest" part of the trio.

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    Following the defeat of the newest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the disbanding of Wolverine's X-Force, E.V.A. attempted to resurrect Fantomex using the White Sky's cloning technology. However, Fantomex's three brains led the cloning device to build a new body around each brain, with the "nicest" resulting in the woman known as Cluster.


    Cluster was created by writer Rick Remender and artist Phil Noto. She first appeared in "Rainbows, Puppy Dogs & Sunshine" in Uncanny X-Force Vol.1 issue 35 (2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    Uncanny X-Force

    For More Information: Uncanny X-Force

    Six months after X-Force disbanded she and Fantomex are now in Paris, France. Having just pulled off a heist, she asks Fantomex if she makes a good thief. He says she's perfect and the two kiss.


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