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    An American boxer who defeated Rocky Balboa for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

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    An American boxer from Chicago, Illinois. He worked his way up the ranks to become the number 1 contender for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Rocky Balboa was being honored with a statue by the city of Philadelphia and during the ceremony Rocky announced that he was going to step down and retire. Among the crowd was Clubber who didn't take the news to well and called out Rocky and his not so great opponents he faced as the heavyweight champion. Clubber continued to insult Rocky and told Mrs. Balboa to come by his place "to see a real man." This infuriated Rocky and a fight nearly ensued.

    Rocky not wanting to let this go wanted to challenge Clubber to a match but Rocky's manager didn't want any part of it. Rocky convinced his manager that he couldn't retire knowing that his title bouts were hand picked. A retirement match was set against Clubber. Prior to the bout a melee ensued between Rocky and Clubber where Rocky's manager was seriously injured. Rocky continued the fight without his manager at ringside. Prior to the match former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed went to meet and greet both boxers. Clubber insulted and mocked Apollo. Rocky was no match for an angry Clubber.

    Clubber was the new heavyweight champion and gave Rocky a shot at regaining his title back. Rocky was trained by his former opponent Apollo Creed. A new and improved Rocky was ready for Clubber ultimately defeating him and regaining his heavyweight championship belt.

    Clubber Lang was portrayed by Mr. T.


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