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Consisting of 19 Cards, the Clow deck is one of the strangest yet amazing magical item ever in existance. Created by the amazingly powerful sorceror Clow Reed, each card is 'alive'. Inside the card is a magical spirit, each one with its own form, personality and magical ability. Nearly nothing can defeat the Clow Cards, only extremely strong magic.

Note that in the anime, the number of cards was boosted to 53 (52 in the anime itself plus one in the second movie).

Clow Deck

Light card- The Light card is the strongest card in the entire Clow Card deck (in terms of magical potential). It has the ability to cause the sun to rise at night and can also create light in the darkest of areas.

Dark card- The sister of the Light card, Dark has the power to create a dimension of darkness and shadows, and can slowly nullify the existance of anything inside the dimension. It can also turn day to night.

Earthy card- The most destructive of all the Clow Cards, Earthy can cause massive geological disturbances, earthquakes, tremors and can shoot earth spikes out of the ground which can reach up to 40 metres high.

Firey card- A playful yet destructive spirit, Firey can generate and manipulate flames, and can create so much heat that it can evaporate water (causing immunity).

Watery card- An aggressive card with the same amount of power as Firey, Watery can manipulate water, create weapons made from water and can also move at an amazing speed.

Windy card- A very gentle card, Windy can manipulate air currents. As it isnt aggressive, its power is mainly used for moving objects over a distance or to create binding chains of solid wind.

Sword card- The sword card, when used, transforms the users staff into a sword which can pierce through nearly anything. The strength of the sword depends on the heart of the wielder.

Shield card- The shield card is a defensive spirit and can create powerful forcefields capable of holding of missile fire.

Shadow card- The Shadow card is one of the fastest cards in the Clow deck, and can manipulate any shadow. Its power works perfectly in the moonlight, but if there is too much light its power becomes innefective.

Fly card- The Fly card is a gentle spirit that grants its user the ability to fly with angel wings.

Jump card- An aggressive but cute looking card, Jump gives its user ankle wings and allows them to jump hundreds of metres into the air and land without injury.

Flower card- One of the most gentle Clow Cards, Flower has the power to materialize many different types of flowers upon command.

Mirror card- The most human of all the cards, Mirror can create a solid copy of the user and can also mimic their voice, DNA and personality.

Glow card- The most gentle of all the cards, Glow is a small fairy which can create small firefly lights to brighten up an area.

Thunder card- An extremely aggressive card, Thunder appears as a large dog made of electricity and can cause lightning to rain from the sky.

Wood card- A gentle spirit closely related to Earthy and Windy, Wood can cause trees and plants to sprout from the ground and, like Windy, can also contrict things.

Erase card- A card with an unknown personality, Erase can remove anything, whether it be alive, dead, animate or inanimate, from existance.

Illusion card- With the ability to show what a person truly desires, Illusion can be either a very amusing card or a card which can make people feel at a loss.

Maze card- An extremely strict card, Maze creates an inescapable pocket dimension with walls that cannot be breached.


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