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Prince Clovis la Britannia of the Holy Britannian Empire is one of the children of Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Among hist siblings, he was not very ambitious, and was always beaten in chess by his younger half-brother, Lelouch vi Britannia.

Clovis became the Viceroy of Area 11 - the land formerly known as Japan. Overall, he never had to do much of anything. However, he would face a real threat that would prove to be his end.

Character Evolution

Reign as Viceroy and Death

Clovis was given command of Area 11, formerly known as Japan, and given the title of Viceroy of the Area. He tried to appear to be a benevolent and just ruler to the people of Area 11, known as Elevens. However, he was in truth a selfish ruler, who was liked by other people of power simply because of his royal title.

While Clovis was in command, he mostly left decisions to his advisers. During the Battle of the Shinjuku Ghetto, he showed himself to be a ruthless commander, ordering the deaths of countless civilians in the area simply to destroy terrorists who stole a secret item from Britannia.

Clovis sent his soldiers to battle against the terrorists, and utilized the Empire's superior technology to overpower them. However, an unknown commander entered the fray, who was able to easily overcome every strategy Clovis had in his arsenal. He was shocked by this turn of events after he witnessed his overwhelming defeat. The battle turned in Britannia's favor when Suzaku Kururugi, an Eleven, entered battle with the prototype Lancelot Knightmare unit, which demolished the terrorist soldiers, forcing them to retreat.

Britannia's military was eventually able to track down the terrorist hideout. However, the mysterious commander of the terrorists was able to infiltrate the Britannian command center, and he ordered Clovis to call off the attack and let the terrorists go. This commander then revealed himself as Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, Clovis' younger half-brother.

Lelouch attempted to get information from Clovis, using his recently acquired power known as Geass - the power to make anyone follow his orders - to find out who killed his mother. Clovis, under Lelouch's influence, said that he did not know, but he said that Princess Cornelia and Prince Schneizel did. After revealing all he knew, Lelouch shot Clovis.


After Clovis' death, Princess Cornelia became the new Viceroy of Area 11, and he sister - Princess Euphemia - became the Sub-Viceroy.

Clovis was Lelouch's first personal kill, which left Lelouch sick to his stomach; however, he quickly overcame it, and would kill again.

Clovis left behind a reputation as a talented artist, and he was still relatively liked by some of the Britannian officials.


Clovis has an air of elegance and pompous arrogance. He is also very cowardly, bowing to the wishes of his soon-to-be killer. His last words were begging for mercy.

However, Clovis did consider himself an artist, creating a gallery of paintings that were loved by the Britannian people.

Powers and Abilities

Clovis has no powers. As a strategist, he is a very poor and predictable one. When faced against a group of terrorists who were actually organized by a good strategist, he was easily defeated.


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