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    Fordo is an ARC captain. He is known for leading a team of Advanced Recon Commandos through special missions. He is most known for his succes on Muunilinst and Hypori

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    Captain Fordo first appeared in the first season of Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries. His first battle was the Battle of Muunilinst. Although an ARC Captain, he was given the title Task Force Commander for this battle. His mission: sneak behind enemy lines to San Hill's personal headquarters.  

    Battle of Muunilinst
    As the LAAT/is disembarked from their cruisers, Obi-Wan Kenobi gave the order for Fordo's troops to separate. On their way to San Hill's quarters, Fordo's LAAT/i was shot down by a missile. Most of them survived the crash, however, they received sniper fire as soon as they got out. Fordo and his men took cover behind the fallen ship and ordered two infantry troopers to go out into the open in order to create a distraction for a spotter to find where to find the snipers. After this was done, Fordo ordered an ARC lieutenant to take a PLX-1 (bazooka) and completely pulverize the snipers. The ARC troopers had to continue their mission on foot. On their way, they encountered a Separatist tank. One lieutenant was able to grapple up a building, go behind the tank, and descend so he could blast his way in and destroy it from the inside out. From there Fordo threw a recon droid to survey the land around them. They found a heavy turret at the base of Hill's headquarters and was given permission to destroy it by General Kenobi. Fordo and his troops grappled up the turret defense and started taking out the guards with ease. The ARCs then put charges at the barrel of the turret and grappled up to the very top with the turret exploding behind them. From that mission, only 10 survived, hence the title Muunilinst 10. 
       After a while Obi-Wan rendezvoused at with them at the top of the base. Fordo and his men blew through the ceiling and repelled down while destroying the battle droids guards, with some help from Kenobi himself. As soon as San Hill was arrested the bounty hunter known as Durge crashed through the window with his jetpack. Fordo's men waisted no time and completely hammered Durge to the ground and then was even hammered more with a PLX-1. Fordo was sure that the area was now secure. However he was proved wrong when Durge started to eliminate some of Obi-Wan's troops. A duel between the bounty hunter and the Jedi was taken place, and Durge "swallowed" him up with his slimy, muscular  body. Fordo stood up to Durge with his electrified wrist cord which angered Durge. However, Durge was able to break free and Fordo was now left defenseless. 
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     But right at that moment Obi-Wan pushed with the Force from the inside out and burst open Durge's body completely. The battle was won, with much help of the Muunilinst 10. 
    Battle of Hypori 
    Even though the battle was won, it was not all a time of celebrating. Obi-Wan Kenobi received a distress call from Hypori and had Fordo and his men to dispatch to Hypori immediately. Fordo brought a more aggressive approach rather than a stealthy one. This time he brought ten lieutenants (quite possibly the Muunilinst 10), a Z-6 rotary cannon, a quad repricating blaster, and their own Shark LAAT/i. They made their approach to a downed Republic cruiser where it was surrounded by droids under the command of General Grievous. While jamming their signals, Fordo released remotely deactivated bombs down to the surface below. The Shark LAAT/i then blew their way through the fallen craft and landed on Hypori's surface. Fordo sent one ARC trooper towards a life sign in the rubble nearby and another in the rafters. While he ordered the rest to spread out, the Shark LAAT/i poke it's guns through the blown whole and held off the enemy droids. Within seconds they found a wounded Ki-Adi-Mundi and a victorious cyborg general. 
       They waisted no time and immediately began firing. Knowing the blaster fire was too much for Grievous, he evaded their shots by taking cover behind rubble, climbing up walls and the ceiling, and then cut down four ARCs. Fordo knowing that even ten Advanced Recon Commandos can't take Grievous, he called their transport for backup. Again the general was able to dodge the even more heavier fire power. But this gave them the opportunity to retreat with the survivors (Aayla SecuraKi-Adi-Mundi, and Shaak Ti).  Fordo then set the remote bombs off which cleared a path for them. 
    Battle of Coruscant 
    Before the Battle of Coruscant, Fordo was awarded the Chancellor's Service Medal. However, he denied it and gave it to a certain trooper who perished on Muuninlinst. 
    Fordo was on Coruscant at the time it was attacked. Fordo immediately grabbed his new Phase II gear which looked much like a crossover between his previous armor and Clone Commander Neyo's armor. He assembled with a battalion of squad and took a defensive position. Despite his efforts, he was being overrun. So overrun that he had to smack a B2 battle droid, and shoot with his pistol and a fallen trooper's DC-15A while requiring reinforcements. Fordo's comrades were getting picked off and the sitiuation seemed hopeless. However Yoda came to the rescue and Mace Windu soon after that. They were able to press on. 
    • Duel DC-17 handblasters
    • EMP grenades
    • DC-15A blaster rifle
    • electrifying wrist cord 




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