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the Sequence
the Sequence

Clone 45 is the 45th in a line of clones taken from an ultimate soldier program that has produced a long line of super soldiers. In every team of Hypernaturals, a clone has served. Clone 45 has served his maximum of three terms. An active clone is connected to the Sequence, a place where the essence of his predecessors are stored. The clone can tap the Sequence to access a memory or ability of one of his predecessors.


Halfshell was created by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Brad Walker.

Major story arcs

Clone 45 was the leader of the 19th team of Hypernaturals. That team defeated and imprisoned Sublime, their greatest enemy. He was married to Bewilder during their time as teammates in the 19th team. Serving the maximum of three terms, he got disconnected from the Sequence as soon as Clone 46 took over.

Now a normal citizen, he has a hard time adjusting to normal life, working as a sewage worker. In his favorite bar, he hears the rumors about the disappearance of the 21st team on their inaugural mission. Forming an emergency team, Bewilder contacts Clone 45 to become a member of the the new Hypernaturals. He declines her offer, since he has no powers. A few days later, he decides to travel to Hypernaturals headquarters to serve as an adviser. While there, a duplicate body of Ego activated itself and goes on a rampage (seemingly under the control of Sublime). During his fight against the Id body, Clone 45 finds himself suddenly reconnected to the Sequence, meaning Clone 46 has died.

Powers and abilities

When connected to the Sequence, Clone 45 has the abilities and experience of his predecessors. He himself is super strong and super tough, has heightened reflexes and healing factor.

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