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    Leader of the Terror Titans with the power to see approximately 4.6692 seconds into the future.

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    This particular Clock King remains shrouded in mystery. Unknown if this Clock King is related to the original Clock King William Tockman (who also once assembled a team, The Clockwatchers, against the Teen Titans) or simply a newcomer unrelated to the previous Clock King who has taken up the mantle. There were a few hints here and there, but nothing particular. He was named "Tem" by his young lover, Disruptor, but it's unknown if this is apart of his actual name (like Temple Fugate from Batman: The Animated Series), or simply another alias.


    Clock King II was created by Sean Mckeever and Eddy Barrows, first appearing in person at Teen Titans #56 - Ignition.

    Major Story Arcs

    On The Clock

    Clock King's Terror Titans
    Clock King's Terror Titans

    Clock King II was the de-facto leader and mastermind of the first literation of the Terror Titans, a group he created covertly to counter the Teen Titans and also entice potential soldiers for The Dark Side Club in the process, luring in inexperienced criminals and offspring or relatives from famous criminals (like Dreadbolt, son of the Blue Devil villain Bolt, and the ancestor of the 31st century Legion villain, Persuader) with promises of money and protection. Getting the team together, he managed to ambush and kidnap Kid Devil, whom he would later sell to the Dark Side Club as a underground gladiator.

    His team would later successfully raid Titans Tower in San Francisco, kidnapping a few of their members and badly hurting others in the process. Thankfully after Clock King became overconfident after successfully beating up Robin after luring the remaining members to his time-dislocated headquarters in Gateway City, he would be defeated and forced to retreat after Ravager managed to chase him and the group away after he unsuccessfully made a offer for her to lead the Terror Titans. As she had the same cognitive powers as he had, they met at a impasse, and she was able to fight the rest of them away soon after.

    Terror Titans

    Later on, Ravager would grow disinterested in the Titans as a group, and would take him up on his offer, training and refining the skills of the members. While she handled the physiological and team oriented parts of their training, Clock King II would handle the psychological aspects: namely, by tempting them with their deepest desires, and either forcing them to remove said desires (removing Persuader's father, who was the only part of her personal life that she seen positively) or by granting them their wishes (allowing Dreadbolt, whom had always lived under the shadow of his distant father, to fight and then brutally kill him by phasing his body into a chimney) to remove any hang-ups that would make obeying him difficult.

    The Clock King took over the Dark Side Club and formed the Matyr Militia behind the back of Darkseid and his forces. Eventually Ravager would double-cross the group and with the aid of a disguised Miss Martian (who posed as Star-Spangled Kid) would stop Clock King's mind controlled teenage army by disrupting his tech. Furious at the incompetence of the Terror Titans, Clock King would murder one of the members (a new Disruptor, whom wasn't actually related to the original Disruptor, a misdirection King had used to keep her on his side unsuccessfully) and left the group, allowing them to get arrested by the authorities. Clock King was later beaten to a bloody pulp by Ravager until he teleported himself away to parts unknown and recover from his injuries.

    Powers and Abilities

    Clock King II was a formidable leader and planner, able to plan behind the Dark Side Club's members as well as their leader, creating his own army of teens to wreck chaos with. He was a skilled manipulator, able to pull strings both emotionally and in other forms to keep the members of his Terror Titans under his thumb via multiple misdirection's and ploys. Even Ravager was lured somewhat into his web of lies and was manipulated into doing tasks for him.

    He was also a skilled technical mind, able to design anti gravity structures, devices that could disable electronic gadgets, as well as chrono bubbles that can suspend the movement of time within a room sized space. He also has tracking projectiles that were sharp enough to slice through people with relative ease.

    The main power that makes Clock King II so dangerous was his precognition powers: he could always see 4.6692 seconds into the future at all times, allowing him to counter whatever he seen within that time. This was potent enough to completely embarrass Robin in combat by predicting all of his movements, and allowed him to stalemate against Ravager, whom could also use precognitive abilities. King had no skill but seemed to be in good shape and was very mobile.


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