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One of the greatest horror franchises of all time returns, now under the control of its original creator! Clive Barker has touched HELLRAISER only twice: once to write THE HELLBOUND HEART, and once more to write and direct the original HELLRAISER film. Now witness Barker’s long-awaited return to tell a new chapter in the series’ official continuity—a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites…and Pinhead!

In this issue, Kirsty Cotton is back! To fight the forces of the Cenobites she has become a Harrower and has gathered a team that, like her, is damaged and insane enough to take on what Hell has got! As Pinhead’s plan becomes clearer, what will Kirsty’s role in it be?

Note: the new Harrowers team, while sharing name affiliation with the concept from the 90's Hellraiser comics from Marvel/Epic, seems to be entirely different characters from the previous team. No connection to the earlier material, beyond the name, has yet been set.



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There's Some Crazy Stuff Going On Here. 0

The pieces continue to fall in place as a group of survivors band together to take on the Cenobites.The GoodWhat's one of the problems with horror movies is you have a good idea how they're going to end. Everyone does with the occasional survivor left to tell the story. In the Hellraiser movies, Kirsty Cotton was the only survivor after the Cenobites claimed their victims. If you've read the first issue, you know she's in this series.Adding to the Kirsty's story, we see there are other survivors...

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Who needs a plot anyways? 0

The second issue of Hellraiser is here and stuff happens. I'd love to be more precise and say "Character A is cheating on character B while Demon #1 is eating his kidney", but I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this book.The Good:The cover. Tim Bradstreet is quite possibly the best cover artist there is for books that are supposed to have a gritty, dark atmosphere. This book clearly is supposed to have that, but due to shortcomings hinted at above and explained below, it promises more ...

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New-Reader-Unfriendly relaunch 0

So far the new Hellraiser book, which I was psyched about for Leonardo Manco's art, hasn't made much of an impression on me.  I actually had to flip through the first issue again after reading this new issue just to refresh my memory on what had come before; and that's something I pretty much NEVER have to do for a monthly book, so it's not a good sign.This title suffers from terrible vagueness.  Seemingly big things are happening, with some sort of plot from the cenobites drawing Kirsty Cotton ...

0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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